wedding guests avaMost couples care about their wedding guests and want to make the wedding day as comfortable to the guests as possible. Because we invite our most beloved and important people to share this happy day with them. So, what can you do to make your wedding day easier and comfier for your guests? Of course, you and your honey are the heroes of the wedding, but people who come to support you and celebrate with you also matter a lot. Here are a few significant things you can do for them, because happy guests create the best wedding atmosphere.

Choose the right date, time, and location

These three things matter not only for the couple but for everybody who’s going to come to the wedding. For example, if you pick a date during vacation time, there is a big chance that many of your invited guests will decline the invitation because they already have plans. Or if you decide to have a Christmas wedding, be ready for “losing” some of your guests, as they will be spending this time with their families.

When planning a wedding, don’t schedule it too early in the morning or too late at night because people must have enough time to get ready, get to the wedding location, or they’ll be too tired to celebrate late at night. Be reasonable with your wedding timeline.

The wedding location has to be easily accessible by people. If you dream about a wedding on an isolated island, you have to provide transportation for the guests. Remember that not all of them might afford the flight to a faraway destination or staying in a hotel, too. So, either choose a wedding location close to your home or you’ll have to spend some money on the wedding guests’ needs. That’s why some couples prefer to rent a mansion, bungalow hotel, or something similar for their wedding so that everyone feels comfortable and doesn’t have to think about these issues.

Pay attention to the weather

When you’re planning your wedding, pay close attention to the season when you want to have a wedding and the weather forecast for the date. A lot of people want an outdoor summer wedding, but remember that it can be incredibly hot in summer – don’t expect your guests to stay and celebrate if they’re miserable and are having sunstrokes. The same is with weddings organized in the cold season – it should be an indoor event and you have to provide heaters, blankets, protection from the rain, etc. Your wedding guests can’t bring all that with them to your wedding location, so it’s on you to provide these things. The weather might be not so important for you, but people are different and their reaction to weather conditions is different.


Rain wedding


Free or cheap parking

Parking is also important. A place to park your guests’ cars should be near enough for them to easily walk the distance even in high heels, and parking should be free of charge or cheap. Some couples cope with parking problems by hiring a shuttle to get the guests from a distant parking lot to the location, but it means extra expenses.

Provide good food and drinks

This is vital. The absolute majority of wedding guests are waiting forward to feasting at your wedding. Don’t disappoint them. Delicious food and alcohol make your wedding guests happy. By the way, if your wedding budget allows it, have a cocktail hour with tasty and various drinks and serve appetizers between the meals.

Talking about drinks, you don’t need to serve fancy and costly beverages. Most couples choose to have only wine and beer, others add some amount of heavier drinks, still others offer their guests to pay for fancier beverages if they want ones (though, of course, wedding guests don’t like to pay for anything at a wedding).


Food and drink


In case you go alcohol-free for your wedding, make sure you offer interesting options of non-alcoholic drinks. Not just packaged juices and water. Serve cocktails with fruits, smoothies, various coffee drinks, make a juice bar, etc.

Entertain your guests

Weddings can be boring if they’re too long-lasting and there is too little action. The wedding guests get tired and bored when you make them wait for hours for some action and don’t give them any entertainment. How can you entertain people? Hire a professional DJ who will involve people in activities, play nice music, and act as an audio man. Also, you can organize fun locations, like photo booths or zones, tables with snacks, interactive food displays, masterclasses, quests and game zones, etc. It depends on the audience what activities to prepare, but it’s much comfier for people to spend the day if they can get engaged in some kind of activity.


wedding guests


Guests don’t like to wait

Make sure the event is planned thoroughly so that people aren’t constantly waiting for something – for the bride to come out, for the food, for their turn to take pictures with the couple, etc. Your timeline has to be as perfect as possible. And also, as we’ve said, entertain your guests. In this case, the wedding guests will always have something to do and time will flow easily and comfortably for them.

Wedding guests need attention

People come to your wedding not only to eat and dance, they want to be there for you on this special day. So, find time to give your attention to every single guest. If you can’t talk with everybody because there’s no time for that, at least stop by each table to thank your guests, shake hands, prepare thank-you cards or small favors for them – it will show them that they’re important for you. Make them feel like they’re welcome at the wedding, even if you can spare only a minute or two for one person.

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