toast avaCanada has some really interesting and adorable wedding traditions. Like various parties and activities that start even before the wedding or like many money dances performed during the wedding. These people know exactly how to make the guests pay! Sure, some of the Canadian wedding traditions occur in other countries as well, which is understandable. But let’s see which bridal traditions are the most common and the most favored by Canadians.

Bridal shower

A day before the wedding, the maid of honor organizes a bridal shower for the future Mrs. The bride receives small and usually humorous presents from the guests. Mostly, her friends are invited to this informal event.

Trousseau tea party

This party is organized by the bride’s mother. It is less intimate than a bridal shower, with more people invited – neighbors, colleagues, friends, and relatives. The tea, sweets, and snacks are served and the mother of the bride displays her daughter’s dowry and gifts from the bridal shower.

This particular tradition is not as common today as it used to be.

Pre-wedding party

There is an old French-Canadian tradition, according to which the couple and their closest friends meet right before the wedding. The groom takes his best friends and comes to the bride’s house (or her parents’ house) on the eve of the wedding. They start a party by driving through the city in several cars, honking and shouting. It’s like a fun notification for everybody around about the future wedding.

White wedding dress

A lot of Western-style weddings include a white wedding gown worn by the bride. Such dresses are traditional for European, American, Australian, Canadian weddings, and etc.

But, of course, not 100% of Canadian brides wear white. Each woman chooses a wedding gown she likes most.

Church wedding

In Canada, people mostly practice church weddings. The bride and groom invite their guests to the church and have a religious wedding ceremony. At the end of it, the priest asks if someone can name a reason why this man and woman can’t be married. If nobody speaks up, the bride and groom exchange their wedding rings and become the husband and wife.

Funny socks dancing

This is a nice way for the couple’s closest relatives to make some money for the bride and groom. Their unmarried siblings wear funny socks and perform a funny dance at the wedding party. The guests throw money at the dancers, the bills are then collected and given to the couple.

Wedding wheel dancing

Another way of earning some cash for the bride and groom. The wedding guests pay a dollar or more for a dance with the groom or the bride. The money goes to the new family’s budget or helps pay for the honeymoon.

Shoe dancing

The bride dances on the dance floor, while the wedding guests fill her shoes (or a modern variation – a special drawstring bag) with money.

As you see, Canadians have many wedding traditions connected with dancing and can invent a lot of ways to get some extra cash for the couple.

Wedding toasts

This wedding tradition is not unique to Canada. Wedding guests all around the world toast and wish happiness in marriage or say warm words to the bride and groom.

Also, the couple in turn toast to their guests and talk about their happily married friends or relatives who influenced this marriage and relationship.

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