wedding dance avaA lot of people prepare so hard for their first wedding dance. Some couples even hire a professional choreographer to create the composition and take dance classes for months before the wedding. But all of us have probably seen a bad wedding dance that makes you feel not very comfortable watching it, no matter how hard the bride and groom are trying and how much practice they had. If you don’t want that to happen to you, read the few tips we suggest you need to know about your first wedding dance. They are so simple but can be of huge help.

Tip #1

Look at each other, not your feet

When people are learning a new dance, especially if they’re not professional dancers, they usually look at their feet to make sure their moves are correct. It’s ok to do that during the first few times you dance because you’re learning. But you also need to learn to look at each other while you’re dancing your first dance. The general purpose of the first wedding dance is to feel the connection between you and your honey, to enjoy being together. It doesn’t matter if you don’t perform your dance as you’ve planned or use the wrong moves, no one will notice that. You can even start with memorized movements you’ve rehearsed and then slip into improvisation.

So, don’t look at your feet, don’t look around or at your wedding guests. Look only at your partner. This way, not only the dance will look more romantic and natural, your wedding photos made during the first dance will be perfect as well.

Tip #2

Don’t rush and let your photographer catch the moment

If we’re talking about the wedding photos made during the first wedding dance, they usually look magnificent and adorable. But it happens only when you give the photographer time to snap you at the best possible moment. So, don’t rush your dance, make small pauses from time to time, and don’t forget to look at each other. Remember, when you’re a constant blur, no good photos can be taken.

Tip #3

Relax and make your wedding dance natural

People look the best in the pictures when they’re natural. Don’t try to force a certain mood or appearance, for example, you don’t need to smile during your whole first wedding dance. It won’t look natural. Just relax and try to forget about how you look or how you step. Enjoy the dance. You can even talk with your honey while dancing – sometimes, it really helps to loosen up and feel comfortable. Let the love flow between you two and let your partner support you at this beautiful moment.


First wedding dance tips

Tip #4

Practice your first dance in wedding shoes

When you’re practicing your first wedding dance, don’t forget to try it in the shoes you’re going to wear during the actual dance on your wedding day. Whether you’ll wear high heels or sneakers, practice in them beforehand so that you know how you feel in these particular shoes, how slippery they are, how stable you’re in them, etc. By the way, both the bride and the groom should do this – practice the first wedding dance in the shoes that you’ll wear at the wedding.

Tip #5

Your first wedding dance should last about 2 minutes

Choreographers advise to make your first dance last for about 2 minutes, not longer. It’s the optimal time. After that, the DJ can ask the rest of your guests to join you or switch the music to another song or mute the music – there are plenty of options. But don’t tire the guests out with your dance.

Tip #6

Enjoy your first wedding dance

This is the most important thing. You should feel good while dancing and enjoy yourself. If dancing stresses you out, maybe it’s better to skip the first dance and incorporate another wedding activity. You don’t have to perform a dance in front of your guests, do it only if you both want to. Anyway, try to forget about everything else and concentrate on your beloved person during your dance.

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