Bridal shower gift avaIf you’re invited to a bridal shower, do you go there empty-handed? Probably not. But what present should you get, how much should it cost, and why should you even bother if you already have a wedding gift for the couple? We’re here to help you understand the bridal shower gift etiquette and the difference between a wedding gift and a bridal shower gift. Don’t worry, the last one won’t cost you as much as the wedding present.

When it’s wedding gift shopping, people usually have some idea of what to look for. Or a lot of couples offer a wedding gifts registry to let their guests know what the future family needs. But when it comes to a bridal shower gift, it’s much harder for most people to understand what they should buy. So, let’s set the difference between these two presents and look into the details of the gift etiquette.

Not all couples have a bridal shower, and many of those who have don’t expect you to bring a present. A wedding gift you’ll bring to the wedding is enough. But if you don’t feel comfortable coming to a wedding shower party empty-handed, you’re welcome to bring a small gift. Usually, it is something that the couple will be able to use on their wedding day or during their honeymoon. While a wedding present is something major, costly, and used by the husband and wife after the wedding.


Bridal shower gift ideas. How to impress the future bride and groom with your present


Some couples include potential bridal shower gifts into their wedding gifts registry so that the guests know what small but important items the bride and groom are still lacking and looking for until the wedding. It’s the main purpose of a bridal shower present – to help the couple get everything they need for the wedding. For example, if they haven’t found a fancy cake-cutter for their wedding cake, they might be glad to get it as a wedding shower gift. Or rather popular gifts for bridal showers are sexy lingerie for the bride that she will be able to wear on the honeymoon journey.

Most often, bridal shower gifts are not very expensive – in the $50-$500 range. Of course, it depends on the couple and how grand and chic their wedding is going to be, but most people won’t look at the price tag of your present. So, you don’t have to buy something costly.

Also, when picking a wedding shower gift, especially when the party is organized by both the bride and the groom, try to get a present that will be used by them both, not only one person of the couple. For example, two fine terry robes (for him and for her) are always better than a fancy lip gloss for the bride. Because a bridal shower present is for the couple, it should be somehow connected to their wedding, not just a cute little thing for your friend. Even if you don’t know your friend’s honey very well or don't like this person.

Here are some great ideas for bridal shower gifts you can bring.

Ideas of bridal shower gifts:

  • fancy wedding utensils (a wedding cake cutter, a pair of wedding goblets for the bride and groom, dessert stands for the wedding dessert table, etc);
  • wedding rings holder (it can be a small casket, a decorative bowl, a lovely pillow, or something like that). Before buying it, you can ask around a bit to find out if the couple already has an idea about how they want their wedding bands to be carried;
  • sexy or cute lingerie (a beautiful set of underwear the couple will use during their honeymoon, a peignoir for the wedding morning, a pair of bathrobes with the bride and groom’s names or initials embroidered on them, etc);
  • decorative picture frame or wedding photo album (most people now store their photos in digital form, but give them a stimulus to print their wedding photo or photos and they’ll be grateful);
  • luxury throw blanket for two or a similar piece that will make the future husband and wife closer and cozier. They might use it during a romantic dinner on their honeymoon;
  • honeymoon or elopement wedding suitcase (you can use stickers with hearts and kisses, a “just married” sticker, or something like this to decorate the suitcase – there are never too many suitcases for a young family);
  • personalized items (at can be anything with the names or initials of the couple or your best wishes engraved on it or their family name, etc). For example, it can be a cutting board, or a sign, or a décor item, etc. People love personalized things.

To find the best wedding shower present for your friends or family, use your knowledge about the couple and your imagination and creativity. This gift should be not very expensive but useful. If you’re a fan of DIYing, make something for them. If you don’t know what to give them, ask around or look into their wedding gifts registry. We tried to give you inspiration, but only you know what present they might appreciate. Good luck with your bridal shower gift shopping!

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