Fish avaSome of the Bangladeshi wedding traditions and rituals are especially interesting, so you definitely have to learn about them. For instance, have you ever heard about fresh fish dressed in traditional costumes? Or about cow carriages for the newlyweds? Bangladesh is a wonderful country with truly fun wedding activities and a great sense of humor. Here are the top-5 most curious Bangladeshi wedding traditions.

Fun fact #5

Bride and groom leave the wedding in cow carriage or boat or rickshaw, etc

After the wedding, the couple leaves for their new home together. Today, people usually drive there by a nice car or limo. But it can be any kind of vehicle – a car, a boat, a horse or cow carriage, a rickshaw, and so on. It depends on the couple’s wealth, region, their taste and level of creativity, etc.

Fun fact #4

Bangladeshi bride and groom buy everything for the wedding look for each other

The groom is supposed to buy the wedding attire, accessories, jewelry, makeup, and every detail of her wedding look for the bride. And the bride provides everything for him. This tradition is symbolic, it represents the joining of two families, the beginning of their union. For people from outside Bangladesh, it might seem strange or even uncomfortable, but this is actually a nice way for the family to show their acceptance and affection toward the son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

Fun fact #3

Kids steal groom’s shoes

During the wedding ceremony, kids related to the bride try to steal the groom’s shoes. If they succeed, they can sell the shoes back to the groom. Of course, the sum is not huge, it’s just for fun and children earn a bit of money to buy sweets.

Fun fact #2

Bride’s family sets a barricade at the wedding ceremony entrance

The bride and her family must come to the wedding ceremony venue first so that they could make sort of a barricade from people and a ribbon to prevent the groom and his procession from entering the wedding venue. When the groom arrives, he negotiates his way into the wedding hall. Usually, he pays his in-laws. And all this negotiation process is made into a merry performance.

Fun fact #1

Ruhi fish dressed in sari and lungi

This tradition is amazing and lol. The groom’s family sends the bride’s family a pair of ruhi fishes as a gift and sign of respect. But these fishes are dressed in stylized traditional outfits For Him and For Her (most often, sari and lungi) for fun. Sometimes, even lipstick and jewels are applied. The bride’s relatives cook the fish and divide it among the closest family members.

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