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wedding trend avaThe best wedding stylists always bring into fashion something so new that we wouldn’t have thought in a million years that it can be hot for weddings. So, never underestimate the help of a good wedding stylist. But let’s take a look at the most fancy wedding trends of this year. The 2019 is fresh, bright, unexpected, and all about rethinking the classics. Actually, this year, you can embody any of your secret wedding dreams that you’ve been turning down in fear of getting laughed at. Now is the time to personalize your wedding and make it different from others.

Here are some curious and even bizarre wedding trends that will be popular in 2019. These are advised by Cityline experts.

Pompous grass

Mandy Moore had her wedding in November 2018. And pompous grass was already trendy. So she’s used it as decor at her wedding. It creates a really nice, natural, soft effect. And the neutral tones are great because they can be easily mixed with any other colors. Pompous grass feels very natural and eco-friendly, which is a long-lasting trend for a couple of years already. A lot of florists pick such materials for weddings these days. Just flowers from the fields, simple and romantic.


wedding trend1


Fruit & florals

Mediterranean style is cool for weddings – all those bright flowers, fruit, and wildlife that can inspire stylists. Think about having a huge Mediterranean spread on your table. And while Mediterranean flowers as a wedding décor or even a wedding bouquet are common, using fruit for the same purpose is something new and fresh.

For instance, here are magnificent wedding boutonnieres with fruit & floral motifs. Aren’t they adorable and pretty? Wouldn’t you want them on your groom? It’s so different and it gives the natural vibes, especially the burlap tie.


wedding trend2


Wedding cake with deconstructed tiers

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle inspired this trend in wedding cakes. This is a fun way to deconstruct the tiers of a cake. And you get a beautiful presentation with a comparatively simple wedding dessert and fresh flowers as a decoration. It’s a very English, very old-school kind of a presentation. And such a wedding cake looks really ornate with these cake plates and decorations. Meghan and Harry had a gold and very embellished cake, but you can make it simpler for your wedding. It won’t lose its attraction.


wedding trend3


Classic wedding colors

White for wedding is never going away. So, you can use white décor, wedding bouquet, paper wedding invitations – for instance, in white & gold (gold is not going anywhere in 2019!), etc. Greenery is not going away either. Combine these colors and their shades and you’ll get the most fashionable and romantic wedding style.


wedding trend4


Churros as wedding snacks

Not so long ago, doughnut theme was trendy – people would have doughnut cakes and doughnut walls, etc. But in 2019, it’s time for churros. Of course, there won’t be any churros walls, but this snack is tasty, easy to eat, and practical. You can serve them in cute little take-out containers with dipping sauce. Such a snack will look amazing, smell amazing, and everybody loves them.


wedding trend5


Pink color schemes

Pink has been the rage for some time already. In 2019, it will be any shade but millennial pink or blush pink. We will have hot pinks and fusions, pink with adding some red – all of the brights. In general, pink is a huge wedding color. You can use it for ribbons to decorate your bouquet with, stationary, wrapping for little takeaway gifts for your guests, little splashes of pink in your wedding décor, and so on.


wedding trend6

wedding trend7


Wedding gown trends

The first trend will be lace tracksuits for the wedding reception. It’s unexpected, but it can be really elegant. Though, pay attention to the quality to avoid looking like a street chick. Combine the tracksuit with high heels and a high ponytail to obtain a slender vertical silhouette.


wedding trend8


Contradictory to that trend, there is a new minimalism. These are simple and elegant gowns with no lace, no crystals, no pearls, no detail. This trend is also inspired by Meghan Markle, she made simplicity so very accessible and she changed the bridal fashion. Such minimalist dresses can be complemented with the same minimalist accessories or you can make a statement with them. And your look will be really timeless.


wedding trend9


The 2019 wedding trends are so cool, bright, and creative that you might want to get married even if you have no one to marry! Just look at this incredible wedding entourage! So many great ideas for a wedding this year. And they are so simple that anyone can afford them and interpret them to the bride’s taste and desire.

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