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Engagement ring avaThe choice of an engagement ring usually depends on the bride and groom’s taste and desire. Some people use family jewels that are passed down several generations. In general, it's your personal preference what to use. But still, there are wedding trends every year that dictate the fashionable designs and styles, and engagement rings aren’t exception. Here you are new engagement ring trends of 2019. It’s your choice whether to follow them or just choose something you want. But if your bride is a fashionista, you might want to read this.

Every year, trends come and go, even for things, we’re supposed to wear for the rest of our lives. Look at what engagement ring styles are in trend for 2019.

A diamond may be forever but engagement ring trends are changing year to year. And jewelry expert Sharon Lehew from Robbins Brothers says that 2019 will see new trends in settings, cuts, and bands.

#1 Hidden halo setting

This is a brand new trend. You can see the visible difference. Normally, the halo is kind of attached to the center diamond. But this year, trendy are engagement rings with the halo sort of underneath the stone. That's why they call it the “hidden halo”. Because when you're looking at it straight on, it looks like a solitaire, and when you're looking at your ring from the side, you get that extra bling and sparkle from the hidden halo.


Engagement ring1
Ordinary halo setting


Engagement ring2

Engagement ring3
Hidden halo setting


#2 Thicker bands

The bride's classic engagement ring with a wider band will come into fashion in 2019. It can be a double band rather than a single wide band. And some ladies who have got engaged over the past couple of years and have thinner bands are stacking to get the width – and that is much more affordable sometimes then going with the band that's already got all the diamonds in it.


Engagement ring4

Engagement ring5


As we know, trends come back around, so wide bands used to be popular many years ago and they’re the big thing now again.


#3 Fancy-shaped diamonds

The 2019 will move fancy cuts of diamonds into the spotlight. We're getting outside of the traditional cuts and going for something a little bit more bold. For example, the cushion cuts that are just beautiful and they give a different sparkle in the diamond because they're faceted a little bit differently.


Engagement ring6
Cushion cut engagement rings


Also, this year ladies are choosing engagement rings which have the diamond set a little differently. For instance, the stone in a marquise ring is usually set perpendicular to the band itself, but there’s a new trend when the diamond is set parallel to the band. Jewelers are basically just turning the stones.


Engagement ring7
Marquise rings


Any other personal features in the engagement rings in 2019 are welcomed. This is the best time to buy a custom made engagement ring for the bride.


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