You can use different ways of packing your DIY stuff, but it should be easy for other people to understand your idea. If it’s wedding table décor, you can put all the items for one table in one box and sign it “Table 1”, “Table 2”, etc. Or you can put all the things for all of the tables in one box, especially if these items are identical for each table. So, you’ll have a box for table centerpieces, a box for wedding aisle décor, a box for the bar, and so on.

Choose the right box for your DIY stuff to protect it from damage while driving it to the place of your wedding. For example, there are wine boxes with cardboard partitions that are perfect for packing glass or fragile flowers. Also, your box should be not too large and not too small for the items inside. And they shouldn’t be too heavy for the people who’ll carry them.

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