Kit and Bilka avaThese guys aren’t romantic teenagers. They both are experienced warriors that have been fighting with Russia since 2014 and have multiple healed combat wounds to show it. They retired from active military service after medical discharge but came back at once when the Russian-Ukrainian war began in full swing in 2022. Kit and Bilka didn’t want to wait any more and got married right in the middle of the war zone. And now, they’re dreaming of victory, a small seaside vacation, finishing their house renovation, and adopting at least 2 kids (there are literary hundreds of orphaned children in Ukraine today).

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This story was told by Valeriy Zaluzhny, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on his Facebook page.

He is a Ukrainian intelligence specialist with a military nickname “Kit” (translated into English as “Tomcat”). She is a sniper called “Bilka” (or Squirrel). They both are now fighting with Russian troops and protecting Ukraine from invasion. But in civil life, Bilka was a fashion designer, had her own studio, and created pretty designer outfits. When the hybrid war between Russia and Ukraine began in 2014, Bilka left her calm happy life and joined the army. After switching a few specialties, she tried a Dragunov sniper rifle and realized that she found her passion – tailors have a good eye, jokes Bilka.

Kit and Bilka fought for several years in the same area but never met. They both got injuries and retired from active military service after medical discharge. Although, both veterans wanted to continue serving their motherland. When the injuries were healed, Kit returned to the military and created his own unit. He was looking for a sniper, and so Bilka contacted him. They communicated via chats and then met in person, which led to a romantic relationship. Kit and Bilka fell in love with each other, and this love helped them with their PTSD and gave them a new purpose – to survive the war and create a family.


Ukrainian intelligence specialist and sniper married in war zone and are planning to adopt 2 children


They signed the legal marriage papers but didn’t have a big wedding, bought a house, and were planning to have a religious wedding ceremony in a church. But their plans for a calm and measured married life did not come true. When Russia attacked Ukraine full force on February 24, 2022, Kit and Bilka were among the first vets who rushed to the front line of defense of Ukraine. Since then, their life together continues in the war zone.

Not so long ago, Kit and Bilka had their religious wedding ceremony officiated by a military chaplain in the combat area. Every day, there is a risk for one or both of these lovebirds to die, but they still build plans for the future. This couple dreams of victory, a small seaside vacation together, finishing their house renovation, and adopting two or more kids.

Unfortunately, thousands of military and civilian Ukrainians were killed during the last 4 months of the war, hundreds of children are orphaned, and they all will need new families to love these kids, heal their physical and psychological wounds, and raise them.

Only God knows if Kit and Bilka’s plans will come true. But we really do hope so and wish them to have their happily ever after.

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