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wedding idea avaA classic American or European-style wedding can be boring. So if you don’t want just another ordinary wedding, nothing special, we’ve prepared a few tricks that can make your happy day even more memorable and unique. Also, this advice will save you nerves with any wedding day emergencies. Because even a small fail can spoil the bride’s mood for the day. Surprise the wedding guests at every step!


#1 Use a funny way of asking your friends to be your bridesmaids and groomsmen. For instance, send the males a minibar in a jar with the invitation.


wedding idea1


#2 Send a “Golden Ticket” wedding invitation. Or use any other reference to your favorite movie, book, or pastime action.

#3 Wear a plaid “bride” shirt while getting ready instead of a traditional robe. Great idea for those who aren’t a girly girl bride.


wedding idea2


#4 Be prepared with a wedding day emergency kit. You won’t have time to go and buy any paraphernalia you might need asap. Small accidents like a broken nail or ripped clothes often have bad timing. Save yourself from such fails with a prepared in advance emergency kit with a nail file, deodorant, glue, scissors, safety pins, razors, dental floss, and so on so forth – anything you can think of.


wedding idea3


#5 Capture a “first look” without ruining the surprise. Make a few snaps of the bride and groom on different sides of a partition (door, wall, screen, etc.) an instant before they meet. What their facial expressions are?


wedding idea5


#6 Have guests sign decorative initials instead of a traditional guestbook. Actually, guestbooks are a bit of old fashioned items. Invent a fresh idea of how to get wedding wishes from your guests.

#7 Serve mini wedding cakes. This season, interesting food servings are in trend, so you can use a wedding cake built from dozens of tiny 1-person cakes. And there will be no problems with cutting the cake into uneven ugly pieces – every guest will get their own perfect teeny-tiny cake.


wedding idea4


#8 Introduce the wedding party to guests in a fun way. For example, make a board with short descriptions about every guest so that people could have a topic to start the conversation with each other.

#9 Honor the loved ones who have passed away with a special table, their photos or names, or any other way suitable for you.


wedding idea6


#10 Express your gratitude to the wedding guests for coming. Like, add a tiny thank-you card to each plate.


wedding idea7


#11 Serve pre-mixed cocktails in mason jars. It’s adorable and a lot of guests will be grateful for a ready drink.

#12 Preserve your wedding bouquet forever. You can make a framed installation with dried flowers or take just a few flower buds and arrange them into an art object.


wedding idea8


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