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eco gift avaHow to choose truly eco-friendly wedding giftsAs our planet gradually becomes covered in trash, a lot of people become conscious as to what they buy, use, present to others, and throw away. That’s why eco-friendly gifts, including green wedding gifts, are in trend now more than ever. I bet there’s at least one couple among your friends that is trying to be environmentally friendly. So, what wedding present to buy for such newlyweds? How to please them with the right gift? Actually, it’s not that hard. Just take into consideration a few easy tips – they will help you choose a perfect nature-friendly wedding gift.

Here are a few tips:

  • go for a handy gift instead of a souvenir or useless trinket (a lot of souvenirs are bought, presented, and thrown away just because they are useless and people can’t find a purpose for them. If you know the bride and groom well, you can easily choose a useful gift so that it would stay in their home for years);
  • gifts made from recycled materials (a lot of materials can easily be recycled, like glass, metal, cardboard, even wood – kind of… The new stuff will look perfect and you will end up helping the environment);
  • reusable gifts (try to avoid disposable presents. It is a worldwide trend to reduce the amount of trash to minimum, so many household items and essentials are now reusable. There are even reusable glass straws for cocktails!);
  • gifts made from natural and organic materials (avoid things made of plastic, rubber, synthetic fabrics, and etc. Choose wood, bamboo, linen, cotton, hemp, glass, or metal instead);
  • live plants or seeds can be a great gift (there’s a wide assortment of such products these days. Many people love indoor gardening. Such a present usually is rather cheap, but it can bring a lot of joy – of course, if the couple likes to take care of plants);
  • buy wedding gifts from local artisans (handmade presents are charming and most people like them. Also, they are good for the environment, often decompose completely, and don’t need as many industrial resources as factory-made things. And, of course, the maker won’t have to deliver the gift from across the sea).

Of course, this list is not complete and you can freely add more points, but these are among the most important things for you to remember if you’re up to finding a perfect eco-friendly wedding gift.

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