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wedding shoes avaThe wedding shoes are among the most important bridal accessories. It can be hard to choose the perfect pair because they not only have to be pretty and stylish but should be comfy as well. You will spend the whole day in them, walking a lot, so don’t spoil your mood with uncomfortable shoes that hurt your feet. We’ve prepared a few pieces of advice to help you choose perfect shoes and match them with your bridal gown in the best way possible. A bride is happy when everything goes right at her wedding, so read this article, follow the tips, and rest assured that your wedding will be ideal – at least concerning the bridal shoes.

First of all, the bridal shoes should complement the whole look of the bride, they should match the dress and all the other accessories. Harmony is the best choice – every little thing of your wedding attire has to fit.

So, when the perfect design of the wedding dress of your dream is chosen, give some attention to the shoes. If you want to have a long bridal gown, you need to get your shoes with you for the fitting of the dress because it is the only way to make the ideal length. Remember, if you try on the dress barefoot or in flats and then wear stilettos for the wedding, your bridal attire will be too short, and thus, ruined. And vice versa, if the dress is fitted for high heels and you wear flat-heeled shoes, you will constantly step on the hem. What can be worse than tripping during your wedding ceremony?!

It means that you are to buy shoes at the same time or a bit earlier as the dress. Of course, a lot of women choose different designs of bridal dresses – knee-length, mini, layered length, etc. In this case, the shoes don’t have to be worn during the fitting of the gown, but it is easier to view the whole bridal look when you have all the important details. So, don’t delay the shoes shopping for too long.

The next thing to think about is the desirable design of your shoes. Decide on the height of the heels, number of straps, whether you want a classic or modern design, etc. Remember that you will have to spend the whole day in these shoes (some women choose to switch between high heels and flats during the day, but many of us want to stay in all our glory till the end of this big day) and walk a lot. So your wedding shoes must be comfy.

Also, think about the toe of your bridal shoes. If your wedding is taking place in a country with a hot climate, you might want to choose open-toed shoes. But if you’re having a cathedral wedding, the shoes should be more classic and close-toed. There are also peep-toe shoes that are universal and can be used at different seasons and wedding venues.


wedding shoes


By the way, consider your wedding venue when choosing the shoes. For example, you can’t wear high heels or lace-trimmed shoes for a beach wedding. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, wear something sensible – you can use heels as well, but not stilettos or platform heels. Maybe some block heels or kitten heels instead. But it is totally OK to wear flats or ballet pumps for your wedding. As long as they suit the whole outfit.

After the heel height and design of your wedding shoes are chosen, think about the trimming and decorations. There is a large assortment of different shoe clips, shoe trims, gems, and other adornments so that any bride could have whatever she dreams about. But try not to overload the pair with too much decoration – let your shoes be elegant and stylish.

Most of the brides would like to wear their wedding shoes again after the ceremony. It is too wasteful to buy a pair of shoes and wear them only once. That’s why some women choose something more practical than white or ivory silk shoes, but if your dress and all other accessories are white, the shoes should match them. There is an option – you can dye your white shoes afterwards in any color you want and use them in day-to-day life. Today, it is often done. Also, there are colors that are totally acceptable for daily use – beige, silver, pale pink, etc. So if these colors can be matched with your wedding gown, go for them.

And lastly, choose a pair of shoes that are perfect for you, that you love with all your heart. It doesn’t matter that they will be hidden under the hem of your dress most of the time. These shoes are an important part of your wedding look, so buy something that reflects your personality and is in your style. Good luck!

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