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winter wedding avaWinter is not the most popular season for weddings, and there are some good reasons for that. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get married in winter and have the best wedding ever. You just have to pay more attention to details. On the other hand, winter weddings are cheaper and possess a certain charm that appeals to some brides-to-be. We mean those wedding photos with beautiful couples and picturesque snowy landscapes as a background. A winter wedding can be striking unless some random mistake in planning turns it into a disaster. Here are a few tips every bride should remember.

Tip #1

Be prepared for bad weather

Meaning psychologically ready for it. If you’re lucky to have perfect fairy-tail winter weather on your big day, great. Otherwise, try not to care too much and spoil your mood.

Tip #2

Dress appropriately

Of course, every bride wants to choose a dress that suits her in the best way, and a warm balky attire is far from a perfect choice. So you can add a cape (they are very trendy this year, by the way) or fur manteau or stylish jacket – anything that will warm you up and look good on you. These garments won’t mess up your wedding look if you pick the right one to match your wedding gown. Often, they even add a queenly and chic vibe.

Tip #3

Choose the right wedding venue

Firstly, your wedding venue and all the other important locations must be in close proximity. If you’re having a church wedding ceremony, the church has to be close enough to the wedding party venue for your guests and yourself to be able to get there quickly and easily. Remember that winter can bring lots of snow, which means traffic jams, having a hard time parking, etc. Don’t make your guests suffer all that. Also, the time can be of essence, so don’t be late for your own wedding just because you had to drive too far from your house.

And one more thing – think about the comfort of your guests. If some of them travel from afar, book hotel rooms for them so that they don’t have to drive home after the wedding in bad weather conditions late at night.

Tip #4

Wedding photos. Red nose and wet hair?

It can be rather hard to get good wedding photos in winter. It might, of course, be snowing lightly while the landscaping is fabulous – but don’t count on that too much. It might also be gray and drizzly or windy and cold to the bones. So, think about your wedding photos location in advance, maybe discuss it with the photographer (they can give you tips from their experience). Have a plan B location – for instance, make indoor photos in an elegantly decorated room or on the balcony or near the fireplace or somewhere else you will feel comfortable and won’t look wet, cold, and miserable.

Tip #5

Use seasonal flowers and stuff

Yes, “seasonal winter flowers” or “seasonal winter foods” sounds strange, but still, there are flowers, décor elements, food, and other wedding must-have things that are easier and cheaper to get in winter. For example, you can organize your wedding in a sort of Christmas style or make a cozy and homy wedding with a large family gathered near the hearth. Something like that.

If you still want a classic wedding, you can have it, of course, regardless of the season. But it might cost you extra. So, at least choose seasonal flowers that can be easily found and delivered for your happy day. Or use some greenery – it is a fashionable trend right now to replace opulent flowers with foliage decoration. Lots of people do it even in spring or summer when flowers are available.

If to talk about seasonal food, you can serve your guests hot drinks. Like hot chocolate, various coffee drinks, mulled wine, hot cocoa, and so on. They will make your guests extra cozy and the atmosphere more festive.

But our main advice for you is to enjoy your wedding day! Forget about all the things that have gone wrong, like the weather or a broken heel. They’re not important. You and your groom are. If you love each other and are ready to tie the knot, who cares about the weather?!

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