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wedding dress avaHave you gotten a proposal recently? Then your wedding dress hunt begins now. The wedding preparation can be exhausting and time-consuming, so we’re glad to assist you a bit, at least with choosing your wedding gown. Here you are 4 very important and useful tips that will help you pick the perfect bridal gown according to your body shape, skin color, and individual style in clothing. Knowing these tips, you won’t make the mistake of your lifetime with your wedding look. So, let’s begin the bridal dress hunt!

Tip #1

When hunting for the best wedding gown, shop your shape. Most women already know what suits them and what doesn’t when they start to plan their wedding. Basically, take that formula and use it on the wedding dress. If this or that design of an everyday dress doesn’t go with your body shape, don’t expect it to suddenly become perfect for your wedding gown. If you’re not sure what cut and design are good for your figure, serf the internet, consult at the bridal shop, watch numerous videos dedicated to this topic, etc.

Tip #2

Consider your individual style and don’t go far from it. This is a very common mistake – brides want to wear something unusual, something different from what they do as a rule. But it often is the wrong thing to do. You have to take your day-to-day look and transform it into a wedding day look. We don’t mean “wear jeans and a T-shirt because you usually do”, but your wedding gown should show off your personality, your individual style. If you’re a girly girl, it’s ok that your bridal dress is like that as well. If not, you won’t feel comfortable in such an outfit and people will see it. A dress that isn’t comfy and perfect can spoil your mood. So, again, choose the wedding gown that demonstrates your personality. It can be frills, it can be lace, it can be high or low neckline, it can be open back, it can be the length of the hem that is comfortable for you – anything that is familiar and will help you feel good.

Tip #3

Choose the right color or shade. Today, a lot of women pick colorful dresses for their wedding rather than a white one. It’s up to you. But even light-colored or white bridal gowns have plenty of shades – ivory, snow-white, cream, pearl, eggshell, and so on so forth. So, try a few different colors to see which of them looks better with your eyes, hair, skin color. At least, see if colder or warmer shades suit you the best.

Tip #4

Pick the bridal dress according to the style of your wedding and to the wedding venue. It really is important if you’re having a conservative church wedding or a pool wedding or a folk wedding or a picnic wedding. Your attire should suit not only your appearance but also the general style of the event. Again, you have to feel comfortable and at ease, because it’s your big day.

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