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wedding decor avaWedding trends are a good thing, they help you make a fancy and up to date wedding, so they can be really useful. But a couple should be careful with trends because, otherwise, you risk to turn your wedding into a mess. Wedding planners suggest to go about 60% classic for your wedding and add up to 40% of the latest ideas and tendencies. And also, be mindful of how you incorporate modern trends into your marriage ceremony. Let’s look at the wedding decor trends that will most likely be popular in 2020 and think about how to incorporate them into your future wedding.

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Boho-style decor

The next wedding season will continue to explore the boho style but it will be intertwined with other styles. For instance, it can be boho minimalism or boho romantic style. Something a bit more complicated than a pure boho type of a wedding. So, the décor elements for fashionable 2020 weddings will also develop into a new style.

Remember, in 2019, pampas grass was so trendy and popular. The next year, this trend won’t change but the amount of this plant in wedding décor will decrease a little. You still can use pampas but don’t overdo.

Neon signs

These bright guys will be in favor as well in the 2020 wedding season. They look good, attract attention, and add a chic atmosphere to the wedding venue. They are even used at the newlyweds’ house to show the whole world that this couple is getting married. Also, it is a cool way to show the wedding guests that they’ve come to the right place. The neon sign can tell the newlyweds’ last name or their first names or some romantic saying or anything really.

Plants and greenery in décor

During the last several years, eco-friendly and green tendencies have become widespread around the world. And the wedding business keeps up. Couples often incorporate the greenery or potted plants or snake plants or other green stuff into the wedding décor. Of course, you shouldn’t turn your wedding venue into the jungle but some plants can make the wedding hall look more natural, cozy, and contemporary.

There is even a tendency to add herb sprigs to the wedding reception table. Like a sprig of rosemary, lavender, olive tree, or other herbs that smell good and look pretty. They can be put into the napkin, added to the wedding table bouquet, or put into the menu.

Peculiar napkin fold

A lot of people don’t know that there is even a trend that tells you how to fold the napkins for the wedding reception. Of course, you can skip this little detail, but if you’re a real fashionista, your friends might notice that your table décor is not up to date.

In 2020, the most trendy napkin fold is a knot. It hints that the bride and groom are tying the knot, so it’s kind of meaningful. Besides, it looks interesting, definitely more fun than a usual flat pocket fold. The knot fold adds charming detail to your wedding dinner table. And it doesn’t influence your budge at all. So, why not?!

Silk ribbons

These lovely silk ribbons of various width, length, and color (usually, they correspond with the wedding color scheme, though) are very popular right now and will continue to be in the near future. The ribbons are incorporated in wedding bouquets, wedding décor, wedding reception table, etc. They look sophisticated and charming, but, again, remember to stop in time and don’t overplay.

These are the most probable wedding décor trends 2020. And we highly advise you to incorporate at least one of them into your future wedding. On top of being fashionable, they’re also charming trends.

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