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wedding avaThe year 2020 has come and the 2020 wedding season begins with it. If you’re planning your wedding for this year and you’re used to following the fashion, then the wedding trends 2020 must be really important for you. Different experts, magazines, and wedding planners right now are generously sharing their predictions as to which wedding trends will be in vogue this year. So, we’ve consulted the experts, gathered the most interesting and probable of these wedding tendencies, and suggest for you to use the ones you like the most.


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Rustic wedding décor

This year, the tradition of making rustic weddings will continue. So, such materials as wood, burlap, greenery, and etc. are still trendy. You can freely use such wedding décor as mason jars, wooden stumps, moss, and the like in decorating your wedding ceremony and party. They are eco-friendly, natural, and look charming.

Vintage and eclectic wedding styles

In 2020, a lot of wedding designers and stylists will use some vintage pieces and features. The vintage vibe will be present in wedding dresses, wedding décor, wedding invitations and cards, bridal accessories, and so on so forth. So many people would like to use the antiques or vintage décor items for their wedding. And this style is getting more and more popular.

The eclectic style is perfect for contemporary weddings because it allows combining the opposite designs and tastes. If the bride and groom’s taste doesn’t match, just choose the eclectic style for the wedding and relax.

The vintage ornaments can add a romantic and chic vibe to any wedding.

Minimalist wedding décor

This year, it will be very trendy to decorate your wedding in a minimalist style. Not only the wedding dresses and accessories are minimalistic, but also wedding invitations, wedding place cards, table décor, wedding shoot location, wedding venue decoration, and so on.


This is a beautiful trend and it will probably be the vogue for the year 2020. A lot of brides want to decorate their dresses and veils with contemporary embroidery, but traditional embroidery patterns also look fancy. So, it’s lovely when the couples use embroidery in their wedding clothing and décor.  For instance, you can use it to embellish a wedding dress, bridal veil, groom’s tux or tie, gloves, bride’s jackets, handkerchiefs, but also tablecloths, napkins, and other décor items. A lot of couples choose to embroider their monograms on stuff like napkins or handkerchiefs to add a small but charming detail.


In 2019, more and more brides chose to embellish their wedding dresses and veils with applique, so it is only logical that this trend will go over to 2020. We’ve already talked about the embroidery technique as a decoration, applique will also be popular. And such things as floral applique and pearl applique look gorgeous and sophisticated on wedding outfits. So, go for it!

Balloons as wedding décor

Balloons add a playful atmosphere to the wedding and they are much cheaper than flowers, so this year, more couples will use them to embellish the wedding hall or venue. Of course, some people consider them distasteful, but it’s very subjective. If you don’t like balloons, sure, just skip this wedding trend. But we will definitely see more of the balloon décor at the weddings in 2020. These installations can be really pretty and unusual, you can easily get the balloons that match your wedding theme and color. And they are cheaper than a number of other wedding décor items. So, why not?

Hanging installations

This is a new trend but a lot of couples love it. You can decorate your wedding venue or wedding reception hall with hanging floral or greenery installations. They look fabulous and are pretty easy to make. Florists are able to create for you something spectacular but you can make one even by yourself if you know the basics about bouquets and floral compositions. There are already so many great photos of such hanging installations on the internet, from which you can get your inspiration.

Marble cake design

Of course, each year, there are certain trends for wedding cakes and desserts. It is also fun to watch these sweet tendencies, so we’ve decided to include this 2020 wedding trend on our list. Marble design of the wedding cake and other wedding desserts is cool, it’s beautiful and unusual, and many couples will most definitely like it. If you’re one of them, don’t be shy about it and impress your wedding guests with a nice marble cake.

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