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rose petals avaEvery wedding season brings us some new interesting trends, and it’s such fun to observe what the brides will incorporate in their wedding this year. So, if you’re planning to get married in 2020, you’re lucky because the wedding trends 2020 are lovely, meaningful, and romantic. We hope you’ll like them as much as we do. For instance, to throw lavender and rose petals at the couple instead of rice – many a bride will say, hallelujah! at last no rice in my decollete!

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Potted plants to liven up your wedding

The 2020 wedding season continues to use plants in the wedding ceremonies, wedding décor, wedding reception table décor, etc. Live plants are very trendy because they make your wedding more natural, green, and environmentally friendly. So, if you want to incorporate some latest trends in your own event, potted plants are a great thing.

But for those brides who want to go even further and add meaningfulness to the potted plants, there is even more interesting variant. Instead of just buying the plants, take a bit of soil from the groom’s parents’ yard and a bit from the bride’s parents’ yard, mix it, and plant a flower or greenery by your own hands. It will be very symbolic because this plant will kind of unite two families. You can put this plant somewhere in sight and tell your guests its story. Or you can even create a wedding activity based on mixing the soil and planting a seed or plant right in front of your guests.

In the future, when you’ll be celebrating, for example, your first year together, you can show the guests what happened with this symbolic plant and remember some funny moments from your wedding ceremony together.

Start the ceremony with singing together

This is another popular trend right now, especially for Christian and other religious weddings. Couples choose a beautiful song (it can be a religious song or just something romantic and life-affirming) and all the wedding guests sing it at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. You can write the lyrics on the back of the program for everybody to know the words. It looks really beautiful and creates an atmosphere of unity at the wedding. If you’re not a religious person, you can sing a nice popular song or your favorite one.

Forget about throwing rice at the couple – lavender and rose petals are new trend

Remember this old tradition to throw rice at the bride and groom when they leave their wedding ceremony? It is supposed to bring the newlyweds wealth and good luck. People in many countries do that. They usually throw rice, coins, candies, and so on. Today, this trend is changing. It is vogue to use dry lavender and rose petals instead of rice and coins. And indeed, roses and lavender are better because they smell good, look good, and even when they get into your dress or hair or shoes, they don’t make you itchy. So, many brides would be thankful for rose petals.

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