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Donuts bar avaOne of the latest trends at the wedding parties is building a wedding dessert table or bar or station instead of a single large wedding cake. More and more couples do that every year. So, we’ve decided to gather a few most curious and brilliant wedding dessert table ideas, which you can incorporate in your wedding. Of course, if you want a wedding cake, go for it! But if you would like something new and unusual, try these wedding dessert bar ideas or get inspiration from them and invent something entirely different. Good luck and enjoy your wedding day!

Donuts bar

This dessert is very popular in so many countries. The best thing bout it is the assortment of flavors and fillings – you can order a donuts bar with a variety of donuts to satisfy all of your guests. Also, the shape of donuts is handy because they can be hung or strung. Some couples make a wall of donuts – it is much more eye-catching than just placing them on the plates.

Fruit bar

If you’re fond of healthy wedding foods and want your guests to eat lighter dishes, choose a fruit bar. It is especially good for weddings with lots of kids invited or for vegan and vegetarian wedding receptions. But even if you have a wedding cake or wedding dessert table with pastry and sweets, add a small fruit bar and you’ll see how popular it will be. The thing is, at some point in the wedding reception, people get tired of heavy food and too sweet desserts, so fruits are a great alternative.

Popcorn bar

This wedding dessert table idea is invented for American weddings, where there’s a whole popcorn culture. But it is cool! The wedding guests can have a cup of popcorn with their favorite flavor – whether it’s salty or sweet taste. And that’s good because not all people like sweets, so you’ll give them options. Popcorn is also healthier than cakes and is a good choice for children.

Cookie bar

Practically everybody likes cookies. And there are so many shapes, designs, flavors, etc. A nice idea is to bake cookies with the bride and groom’s names or their last name or wedding date on them. Such a bar will look cute and charming. One more thing – cookies are easy to hold and eat, they won’t destroy your guests’ clothes (like a cake with cream or jam can!), and they leave people’s hands clean.

Cupcake bar

The cupcakes look wonderful, so delicate and pretty. There are lots of flavors, colors, and sprinkles you can use as well. These sweets are handy because they’re small. If your wedding guests want to try a little bit of everything, cupcakes are perfect. Also, they can’t be too dry or crunchy or sticky (like cookies or candies sometimes are), so people won’t be afraid for their teeth.

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