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Mitts avaWinter wedding is a very special event. Usually, it is much more exciting, cheerful, and magical than any other wedding, and that’s because we desperately need some warmth and light during the long winter months. So if you’re planning a winter wedding, envelope your guests in coziness and warmth. How to do that? First of all, give your wedding guests just the right winter wedding favors – little things that will make them smile, useful presents with a homey feel to them. Remember that satisfied guests are able to create the perfect atmosphere at your wedding. So, here are a few wedding favor ideas for a winter wedding.

At most of the weddings, guests usually aren’t acquainted, so the wedding favors can help people start a conversation. It is great to give them their wedding favors at the beginning of the event and make these tiny presents a bit different rather than identical (with different patterns or motifs). This way, your wedding guests will be able to get to know each other through comparing their favors, exchanging them if they like to, etc. Charming wedding favors will melt the ice between strangers.

So, here you are a few perfect wedding favor ideas you might want to use:

  • Romantic handmade candles with Christmas motifs or snowflake motifs + some reference to your wedding. For instance, these candles can be signed with the bride&groom names or with a romantic saying and the date of the wedding. A great variety of things can be written on such candles, just use your imagination.
  • Warm knit mitts. You can have only 2 sizes – for men and for women – because, with mittens, it is much easier to fit them than with gloves. By the way, you can make great wedding family photos in matching mitts! Charming, is it not?
  • Pretty jar/box of marshmallows with a reference to your wedding. The sticker can read “Thanks for coming to our winter wedding. Mr and Mrs …” or anything else you see fit.
  • Christmas tree toys or ornaments (they can be handmade), also with a reference to your wedding. For example, “From Smiths with love”.
  • Glass coasters with snowflake patterns. They look very elegant and chic, and they can melt your heart at once.
  • Lip balm. This wedding favor idea is great for any season, but in winter, it can be an extremely useful little gift.
  • Bag of spices (or small spice set) with a tag that says, “Thank you for spicing up our wedding. Mr&Mrs …”.

One last piece of advice from us! Try to avoid too fragile presents because your wedding guests will probably be a bit or a lot tipsy when they leave. Or if you choose a fragile wedding favor nevertheless, use a nice and strong packaging so that people don’t break your gift on their way home.

Modern wedding favor idea! Or a great thank-you gift for bridesmaids and groomsmen. This handmade wooden earphone cord reel can be a perfect little present for your wedding guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen, or those people who helped you organize the event. It is stylish, eco-friendly (made from walnut wood and finished with natural oils), and useful. And the price is only $11.

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