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luxurious wedding avaA lot of brides dream about a high-end wedding that looks and feels expensive but, unfortunately, not all of us can afford one. So, we’ve prepared this material for those couples who want their wedding to be budget-friendly but look luxurious. There are enough tips and tricks to do that. Most people you know will find out about your wedding from your photos on social media and from gossips, so you can easily make them believe that your wedding was just grand without spending a fortune on it.

Wedding photographer

First of all, the wedding photos. Hire a professional wedding photographer who will take great pictures of your big day because these photos are taken once and kept during your whole life. It is important to have something to remember your wedding. And also, lots of people will see your wedding pictures and judge the event by them. If it’s important for you that your wedding looks expensive, warn your photographer about it and he/she will do their best to complete this task.

Don’t try to save money on the wedding photographer because you will lose much more. But where can you save your wedding budget without it being obvious?

Wedding invitation suites

For example, on your wedding invitations. All the luxurious weddings offer the guests nice wedding invitation suites that include the invitation itself, a decorative outer envelope, a reply card and envelope, and a guest info card with a map or other data.

Another suite is made for the wedding reception. It includes a menu, an escort card, a place card, a table number, a program, and a thank-you card.

Usually, these invitation suites are handmade or at least very high-quality, so they are also costly. And to prepare a personal suite for every guest is expensive. But you can order or make (if you’re into DIY) just one wedding invitation suite and let your photographer shoot it. You will get beautiful pictures and save money.

Daring wedding décor ideas

You might have noticed that wealthy people who aren’t afraid to spend money often make bold or daring decisions. They don’t have to prove anything to anybody. So, people who can afford an expensive wedding are often up to unusual wedding décor ideas. You can also do that and bluff with all your might. Take one daring idea and embody it. For instance, choose a minimalist wedding décor for the ceremony – especially since this is one of the wedding trends for 2020. Also, a simple and polished décor always looks more high-dollar than a gaudy and overwhelming one.

Make orders in bulk

If to talk about décor items, like flowers and greenery and balloons and any other décor pieces, try to buy them in bulk – it will be much more beneficial and you’ll save money. So, choose 2-3 denominations and order them in bulk rather than many various items in small amounts. In addition, too many different décor pieces sometimes look cheaper and tackier than just a few chic items.

Greenery instead of flowers

You can save a huge piece of your wedding budget by decorating your wedding venue with greenery instead of florals, especially if you have a winter wedding. Of course, flowers look so good and festive, but they also cost a lot – except for the seasonal flowers. So, greenery is cheaper and it adds a sophisticated and eco-friendly vibe, which often means a high-end wedding. And by the way, in 2020, green wedding décor is trendy, so you can kill two birds with one stone – be in vogue and save money.

Floor-length tablecloths

This is a strange thing to consider but floor-length linens look and feel much more luxurious. And they also are much better for the photos. You won’t have to spend a fortune on these tablecloths, just a few extra dollars, but they do look much fancier.

Save on number, pay for quality

If you want your wedding to look chic and still be comparatively low-budget, think about reducing the number of guests and investing in the quality of food, music, and other important things. If you have fewer wedding guests, you can afford a more expensive wedding venue or offer them better food.

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