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Train avaWhat wedding dress should you wear in the wedding season 2020 if you want to be fashionable and stylish? We’ll help you orient in all those trends, cuts, styles, embellishments, and so on. This year, there are a few wedding gown trends that are kicking and wedding designers’ favorite. But, of course, you’re not obliged to wear something trendsetting for your wedding – only you decide what wedding look to choose. Though, if fashion tendencies are important for you, rely on us to help you choose the most chic design.

Minimalistic design

As we’ve already mentioned in other articles (2020 wedding trends we haven’t shared with you yet), in 2020, minimalistic wedding design is in vogue. The same we can say about the wedding dresses.

These are simple white gowns, without crystals, sequins, frills, too much lace (though, a little lace is ok), etc. The fashionable cut is a column or sheath. You can also pick an open-back dress design or off-the-shoulder. But remember to use minimum adornments and accessories – by the way, in jewelry, too. When choosing jewels for your bridal look, get something in a minimalistic style as well – thin chains, delicate earrings, no tacky jewelry pieces, no large and pompous adornments.

Sophisticated detail

If the minimalistic style is not for you, there is another fine trend – ornate wedding dresses but with sophisticated and elaborate decorations. This season, we will see embroidery, lace, and beading as the most popular ornamentation. These details should be delicate and made with taste rather than bright, eye-catching, and garish. Say no to the wedding dresses overloaded with embellishments.


Another cute trend in the year 2020 is wedding gowns with a train. There are different variations of trains available, so you can find just the one for you. Some brides even choose dresses with detachable trains. Anyway, if you’re up to it, buy a wedding gown with a train for this year’s wedding.

Jumpsuits instead of wedding gowns

A lot of brides want something more practical and comfortable than a wedding dress for their big day, but at the same time, they would love to look beautiful and festive. There is a great bridal clothing idea for these women – jumpsuits. They are cute and comfy, though, make sure the jumpsuit looks good on you because they suit not every body shape.

A jumpsuit can be perfect attire for the wedding reception, so you can wear a bridal gown to the church and then change. Or, today, there are even jumpsuits with detachable skirts so that a bride could look regal at the wedding ceremony and then take the skirt off and party all night.

Bridal veils

A wedding veil is a bridal accessory used from time immemorial. Every woman chooses whether she wants to wear one for her wedding. But if you’re into veils, this year is a perfect time to use one because it’s another trend for this season.

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