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wedding invitation avaThe high-end weddings always have wedding invitation suites to offer the guests so that every person felt cared for and had all the needed info. And if you want your wedding to be fancy, this is one of those fine things you should be ready to pay for. But what is it really? What items does a wedding invitation suite consist of? Let’s see. We’ll also share with you a few nice ideas as to which printed materials to include in your wedding day info suite.

It’s true that there is a huge assortment of different wedding invitations at the market right now. Because of this, it’s hard to get lost and confused – and this is the last thing any couple needs. So, we’re here to help you find your way through.

Wedding invitation suite

The wedding invitation suite, basically, consists of a wedding invitation and its envelope, a reply card, also with an envelope, and a guest info card (or details card).

The invitation contains the main info about the wedding – bride and groom’s names, date and time, location, etc.

The reply card is added so that the guest could let the couple know if he/she would come to the wedding. This card should have a “reply by” date because, obviously, the bride and groom can’t wait forever for his/her decision. So there must be a certain date (not less than 3 weeks before the big day) when the wedding guests have to let the couple know if they can make it. The reply card can also have a line for any additional info from the guests. For example, if they have any requests regarding the menu or transportation to the venue etc., they’ll be able to leave a message on the card.

The guest info card contains additional information about the wedding – map of the city, wedding website, info about transportation, wedding theme of outfits (if you decide to make a themed wedding), and any other messages the couple wants to convey to the guests.

This is a standard set of cards you can find in a wedding invitation suite. You can either buy ready-made such suites or order custom-made, but you’ll have to pay extra in this case. Though, if you feel the need to add any other items into your wedding invitation suite, go for it.

Wedding day info suite

Some couples go even further and prepare another suite with various printed materials the wedding guests will need directly on the day of wedding. It may include a wedding ceremony program, a dinner menu, a place card, an escort card, a table number, a thank-you card, etc. These pieces aren’t in any way obligatory, it’s just a fancy way to show your wedding guests that you care about them and want to make this busy day easier for them. Also, if you have a lot of guests, these will be very helpful for the personnel at the wedding venue.

It’s pretty obvious as to what are the ceremony program (all the planned events for the day are mentioned here) and dinner menu (list of meals that will be served), but let’s talk about the other cards.

The place card is a piece of paper with the name of the guest, their place at the table, and their meal choice. You only need these cards if you have a seating arrangement.

The escort card has on it the guest’s name and his/her table number. It helps the servers to organize people and show them their tables.

The table number, of course, offers the info about the table where this particular guest should be seated.

With the help of a thank-you card, the bride and groom can thank their wedding guests for coming. This card often matches the design of the wedding invitation because a lot of people keep these two cards as sentimental pieces.

The most chic weddings offer custom-made wedding invitation suites and also provide all the additional printed materials possible – everything in a unique design and singed with the names/initials of the bride and groom, date, etc. All these printed materials are expensive, as each of the suites is handmade, the design is created for this particular event, and you need a set for every guest, so the total price is high. But such suites are the cutest and most charming way to show your respect for your wedding guests and to give them something that will remind about this day. So, if you want a budget-friendly wedding, don’t do this, but if your wedding is classy, why not add one more fine detail?!

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