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Food and drink avaHere are a few marvelous wedding trends regarding the wedding reception. First of all, it’s new dinner ideas, drinks ideas, and dessert ideas. These trends not only will make your wedding reception look up to date and fancy, they are also really useful. In general, the year 2020 will be under the motto “the simpler the better”. Minimalist style, homey atmosphere, familiar food, and a portion of good taste in everything. Even if you’re not a trendsetting or trend-chasing person, just take a glimpse at these food and drink wedding trends. You might fall in love with them and decide to incorporate them in your wedding.

Family-style meals

As you know, the most popular wedding reception types are buffet and plated dinner. Most couples choose one of these options. But in 2020, a totally new wedding dinner trend is making an appearance. And it is the family-style dinner. Basically, that’s when all the guests are sitting at the table (like with plated dinner), but servers bring food in large bowls and pots instead of separate portions for each person. So, such a meal has a homey vibe to it, like everybody is sitting at a large family table and sharing food with close friends and relatives. A family-style wedding dinner is charming, the atmosphere is warmer, so a lot of guests start to feel more relaxed with people they see for the first time in their life. Though, as this style of reception is new, you might need to pay more attention to organizing everything.

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Simple wedding cakes

Remember how a few years ago large wedding cakes with 5-6 tiers were popular? This trend stays in the past from now on. This year, couples will prefer simple wedding cakes with a small amount of decoration instead of fancy and elaborate embellishments. One more advantage of smaller and simpler cakes is their price – they will help you save wedding budget.

Familiar desserts

Sometimes, brides and grooms try so hard to impress their wedding guests that they make it too much, too exotic, too strange. So this wedding trend is great – the wedding desserts should be simpler, more familiar for people. For example, a lot of couples choose donuts, churros, sweet popcorn, cupcakes, and other similar desserts. They are perfect because the wedding guests know how to eat them and what to expect from these sweets.

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Craft cocktails

The trend for craft cocktails remains intact in 2020. Especially when we talk about fancy, high-end weddings because, surely, not all couples can afford a cocktail bar and a really skillful bartender. But for those who want a bar at the wedding reception or party – whether it’s free or guests pay for their drinks – craft cocktails can be a wonderful idea. A lot of people like it when a bartender manages to surprise them with a delicious and unusual drink – not just boring gin & tonic or Mai Tai or Long Island.

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