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wedding stress avaThe wedding planning can be a huge stress for the couple, especially the bride. People forget that a wedding is a happy day. Everything connected to it should also bring you joy – the whole process of engagement and planning your wedding is fun when you stop stressing about it. We’ll help you to stop worrying and focus on really important things. Here are 7 tips on how to make your wedding preparation stress-free and enjoy every day of it. Get married in a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere.

Start planning your wedding early

A lot of wedding planners say that it’s never too early to start organizing a wedding. In Europe, it’s typical to spend just 1-6 months on the preparation for a wedding, while in the US, it’s common to start planning in 12-24 months. So, consider your regional traditions, financial capability, and personal tastes. You are free to spend as much or as little time as you wish.

Remember that if you book the photographer, makeup artist, wedding venue, florist, etc. in advance, it’ll cost you less. Last-minute arrangements are always the most expensive.

Important! Do not do any arrangements or planning until you know your wedding budget and the number of guests. These two factors are among the most influential.

To make your wedding as less stressful as possible, give yourself more time for the planning. Then, you won’t stress out about deadlines and you will easily book everything you need for the date you have in mind.

Do the research

Primarily to making a decision, research the topic. It concerns almost every aspect of the wedding – what flowers to use as wedding décor, what food vendors to choose, what wedding gown will suit you the most, how much food and beverages to order, how long the wedding ceremony should last, and so many more important details. Luckily, there are plenty of sources these days that you can use for your research – wedding magazines and books, specialized websites, social networks, and so on.

This might save you a lot of money and nerves.

Make it simple

Forsake complicated choices and details. You don’t absolutely need all the extra offers of the vendors and wedding industry in general. Their job is to make money, so they invent more and more different options, but it doesn’t mean you should use all those ideas for your wedding. Chose the ones you like and want to have, forget about the others. For example, you can have a bartender show, late-night bites, live music, wedding invitation suites, etc. But it means you’ll have to spend more money and time to organize everything. If your goal is to have a stress-free wedding, you can say no to such extra options.

Make breaks in planning

Give yourself time to rest. You shouldn’t plan your wedding 24/7. Otherwise, you get stress and nothing more, no pleasure out of this process. The wedding planners advise to spend a few weeks on active and thorough planning and then put it on hold and rest for another few weeks. After that, return to work with fresh effort.

Delegate tasks

You don’t have to do everything all by yourself. You have family, relatives, friends. Hand to them some of the work – they would probably love to help you. For instance, they can make some calls or research for you, meet with vendors, or make arrangements with the priest if you’re having a church wedding ceremony.

Also, don’t try to micromanage everything. When you hire a vendor, trust them to do the job. They have more experience and are perfectly capable to do what you need (of course, if it’s a good vendor, but you have to determine that before hiring them).

When it’s set, don’t go back

If you have limited time for your wedding planning, never go back to the tasks you’ve already solved. You most definitely will come up with new ideas and try to re-arrange everything. Don’t do that. If some aspect of the planning is set, put it to rest and move to the next assignment. You have enough to think about without stressing over the things that are already decided.

Depend on your personal tastes

It’s your big day, you and your beloved person are the ones who are most important. So, don’t be afraid to make your choices because you have a right to. If you want to incorporate in your wedding something that is not traditional or common, do it. Don’t stress over things that might be ridiculed by your wedding guests, don’t let other people make important choices for you or influence your decision. You will get the most pleasure and fun from the wedding planned according to your own taste. Who cares what other people think when it’s your wedding?! Everything should please you, not the guests or stuff. The bride and groom are to enjoy their wedding, so focus on your tastes and desires. And have fun!

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