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wedding aisle avaThere are so many fresh ideas for the wedding décor, so we’ve decided to share with you a few options of unique wedding aisle decoration. The wedding aisle is one of the most important locations and if you want to make your wedding look fancy, choose one of these original décor ideas for the aisle. Instead of the usual boring floral arrangements, switch to lanterns or potted plants or palm tree branches or even rugs. What do you think of these wedding aisle décor ideas? Some of them are really curious and even daring.

Flower petals

Many couples choose this wedding decor idea because it’s romantic, comparatively cheap, and looks really festive. Line both sides of the aisle with flower petals. Add some candles in glass jars if you like, but be extremely careful with candles on the floor because wedding dresses catch fire in a flash, so make sure to place the candles where the bride won’t get close to them.

Ideally, pick the same one color for the flower petals, wedding altar detail, and other décor of the venue – it will make everything look balanced. If you use different colors of petals, they might appear motley and thus tacky.

Candles and candelabras

Candles can be a great wedding aisle décor. They create an atmosphere of romance and mystique. But for safety issues, plan carefully where you put them. Also, you can use candelabras and candle holders with glass covers – they’re especially good for outdoor weddings. To make the aisle look chic, use candelabras of different heights.


For an outdoor wedding, candles gracing the wedding aisle might be too hard to accomplish, so you can use lanterns instead. They also have a very unique and romantic look but are much easier to organize and safer. It’s also great to combine lanterns with flowers to create the “plush night garden” effect.

Colorful flowers

If you’re a big fan of floral wedding décor but consider white, red, or cream flowers boring, check out the colorful florals. Add a bit of color to the pastel or ivory wedding décor with blue, green, orange flowers or any other color you like.

Potted plants

Recently, a lot of wedding florists have started to use potted plants instead of cut flowers. You can use blooming seasonal florals or potted greenery – both will look perfectly natural and environmentally friendly. This wedding aisle décor idea is so fashionable and fresh!

Hanging flowers

This is also a trendy idea. Adorn the wedding aisle with hanging florals. You’re able to make this wedding décor unusual and sophisticated. Even ordinary roses and dahlias look different when they’re hanging.

Pampas grass

This cute fluffy plant is still trendy in the wedding season 2020, so it can be a nice décor element for the wedding aisle. Place large jars or vases with tall stalks of pampas grass at both sides of the aisle. But plan everything thoroughly not to overdose the wedding venue because pampas grass is eye-catching.

Palm leaves

Palm tree leaves add an exotic vibe to the wedding accommodation. Some wedding experts say that it’s a great idea to embellish your wedding with plants from the surrounding outdoor space, but you can use the opposite as well – use simple but exotic plants for your region and the event will look much fancier. Palm leaves are not that expensive, so you can get them even if you’re not living in the tropics.


Sometimes, there is a floral&greenery garland lying on the floor at both sides of the aisle – it is pretty ordinary. But you can hang such garlands on the guests’ chairs so that sort of a corridor of flowers is formed for the bride to go through. Although, make sure that the wedding guests are able to take their seats easily, without fear of tripping or destroying the garland.

Boho rugs

If you’re having a winter wedding, here’s a cool idea for you – use warm rugs with pretty ornaments. For example, Bohemian rugs. You can adorn the altar, aisle, and other places with colorful rugs. Of course, make sure to not overwhelm the place – otherwise, your wedding venue will look like a Central Asian tent.

Gravel path

If you’re having a Tuscan wedding, for instance, or other styles of outdoor wedding, you can use a gravel path as an original aisle decor idea. Add a bunch of flowers or greenery every few steps to make the aisle look more natural and festive. This option is rather unique and unusual.

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