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Spring wedding avaA lot of couples want a spring wedding because it’s a very romantic season. And also, spring is the time of vibrant colors, bright flowers, warm and gentle weather; it’s the symbol of new beginnings. Anyway, spring is a great season for a wedding and we can prove it. Come on, we’ll show you the charms of a spring wedding ceremony. Here are a few pieces of advice as to what to wear, where to make the ceremony, how to decorate your wedding, and what to eat for dessert at your spring wedding.

Spring wedding venue

This time of year is great for outdoor weddings, so you are free to book an unusual place, like botanical garden or greenhouse or arboretum. There are many venues available and for a good price. These locations in spring are full of flowers in bloom and insanely green plants that are just perfect for wedding photos and the whole festive atmosphere. Even if the weather is still a bit cool in the evenings, you can make an outdoor ceremony during the day and an indoor wedding party at night.

Spring wedding outfits

In spring, the weather can be pretty variable and cool, so choose your wedding clothing thoughtfully.

For the bride, remember to have some charming outerwear, like a jacket, pelerine, or cape to keep her warm. The wedding gown itself can be made from natural lightweight material so that it moved and fluttered as the bride walks. Be prepared for rain – have colorful umbrellas and cute raincoats in stock.

For the groom, a classic black tux is ever a great option. But if you want something more unusual and spring-themed, choose a blue or light gray suit. It will add some youthful vibe.

Spring wedding décor

This season is plentiful in flowers, so it’s only logical to use a lot of florals to decorate your wedding. If you choose seasonal and regional flowers, you’ll be able to save a decent sum. Add some other natural materials and ideas to make your wedding eco-friendly and stylish. For instance, you can use burlap, patterned linen, candles, natural wood, and so on. There is a wide choice of options as to how to use cheap seasonal florals to add extra charm – hanging flower arrangements, garlands of flowers, a flower wall, etc.

What flowers to choose? Here are just a few options: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs, orchids, poppies, dahlias, etc.

Pick unusual vessels for the flowers instead of boring vases – wooden boxes, wicker baskets, clay pots, and other similar ideas.

Spring wedding color palette

Such a wedding can be colorful and bright. It’s a great opportunity to use vibrant colors in your wedding décor. For the perfect balance, take 2 main colors and mix them with a neutral one (for example, white, ivory, or black). If you take more than 2-3 bright colors, the décor will look too overwhelming. Also, avoid too dark combinations – they’re not suitable for a cheerful spring wedding.

Spring wedding dessert

A perfect cake for a spring wedding is something light, airy, and fruit-flavored, with flowers as a decoration. Also, naked cakes are often favored by couples. A spring wedding is the incarnation of tenderness and romance, so the dessert should be suitable.

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