Samary avaUkrainian traditional weddings used to be opulent, symbolic, and memorable. It was a show, every part of which had a deep meaning. And so-called matchmakers were vivid and eye-catching figures during such a wedding ceremony. Here we’re showing you an example of the matchmaker’s folk costume, with all due elements and decorations. And now, imagine 30 young girls in identical outfits, making pranks and entertaining guests at your wedding. That’s what the matchmakers traditionally did – they had almost nothing to do with actual matchmaking, by the way.

Ukrainian groom avaIn Ukraine in the 18th – the beginning of the 20th century, the wedding clothing was very pompous and festive. People didn’t use white wedding dresses and strict male dress suits. Instead, they wore the traditional outfit decorated with embroidery, weaving, braiding, stamping, etc. The folk crafts played a great role in people’s lives. As every wedding outfit was handmade and well thought out, it was absolutely unique – there was a typical style for the region, but every groom’s or bride’s costume was unrepeatable.