Bridal wreath avaAmong the traditional wedding headdresses around the world, there are many oddly-shaped, unique, or eye-catching pieces. Our modern veils, pillbox hats, and other wedding hair accessories can’t even be compared to some of that vintage folk headgear. And here are two examples of such bridal headpieces from Ukraine, the late 19th – early 20th century. Can you imagine wearing something like this for your wedding?

manta avaWedding fashion changes so rapidly that we sometimes can’t recognize the wedding clothing popular a decade ago, so it’s not surprising that garments worn by the bride and groom 100 or 200 years ago might seem weird. This item is one of such curious outerwear pieces. It is called “manta” and used to be worn by grooms in the 19th – early 20th century in Ukraine. Here you are a few detailed photos and some info about manta, odd but ornate and beautiful outer garment.

ukrainian wreath ava2Ukrainian brides used to wear wedding wreaths for their big day. This tradition existed for several hundred years. Today, women in Ukraine rarely wear wreaths for the wedding, so this wedding tradition has almost disappeared. But the local museums still have large collections of authentic bridal wreaths made from wax, yarn, artificial flowers (fresh flowers, of course, haven’t survived), wooden shavings, metal, feathers, foil, and other materials. And these headwear pieces can be striking – we look at them and understand why women wanted to wear them and considered them inspiring.

wedding kerchief ava2In several Ukrainian regions, there was a certain wedding tradition – the bride’s family presented their most honored and respected wedding guests with a special gift. They gave small embroidered kerchiefs, which the wedding guests gladly took and stored in the most prominent place at home. These kerchiefs were a very important present, like a very special wedding favor given only to the selected people. But let’s have a look at some of the wedding kerchiefs. Aren’t they cute and bright?

Namitka avaWe are used to more familiar and common bridal headwear – veils, hats or caps, wreaths, tiaras, and so on, but this piece is unique and even exotic, you might say. Though, 100 or so years ago, brides in Ukraine often wore such headdresses to their wedding. If you look closer, you’ll see charming white doves hand-stitched on the fabric. Of course, they symbolize the couple, their pure and eternal love, and the new family (nest) they build together. It’s a wonderful wedding garment that was worn by some bride years ago and, today, is a part of a museum collection.

wedding photo frame avaToday, we have so many means of preserving our wedding photos and sentimental knickknacks from our happy day – all those wedding photo albums, bride boxes, framed photo collages, digital picture frames, etc. But how did our grandmothers and great grandmothers keep their favorite wedding items? This is a rare old wedding photo frame that belonged to an ordinary family from the Carpathian mountain region, not some fancy piece of a princess or baroness, made not from gold or silver, but handcrafted with so much love and care. It hung in the most honored corner of the house, perfectly complementing the simple wooden interior. And now, we see it in a museum.

Gorgeous2 avaThe local brides and grooms in Ukraine wore beautiful folk costumes for their wedding 100 years ago. The wedding dress used to be colorful, multilayered, and richly decorated. Among the most important accessories, were ornate jewels and bridal wreaths. Here is a great collection of Ukrainian authentic wedding outfits and modern bride’s wreaths and necklaces. These costumes look striking and stand out from the crowd. And by the way, a lot of Ukrainian brides today return to traditions and use folk wedding clothing on their happy day.

Wed wreath avaOne of Ukrainian old wedding traditions is for the bride to wear a wedding wreath. Actually, a white wedding wreath made from wax beads was introduces into worldwide fashion by Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century in the UK. But in Ukraine, it was a part of the bridal outfit long before that. And the local brides wore not only delicate, pure white wreaths but large, brightly colored ones as well. Today, this tradition is not so popular and brides often choose white veils, hats, or other intricate headgear for their wedding, but wreaths made from fresh or artificial flowers are still used by a lot of women.

Bridal rushnyk avaBeautiful embroidered wedding towels are still used by Ukrainian couples on their big day. Though, these days, only 1 rushnyk mostly appears during the ceremony, while in old times, dozens of such ornate towels were used. There is even a curious and funny wedding superstition regarding the traditional rushnyk. It seems Ukrainians really love their tradition of needlework, and so they buy or make embroidered towels for the wedding even in the 21st century.

Samary avaUkrainian traditional weddings used to be opulent, symbolic, and memorable. It was a show, every part of which had a deep meaning. And so-called matchmakers were vivid and eye-catching figures during such a wedding ceremony. Here we’re showing you an example of the matchmaker’s folk costume, with all due elements and decorations. And now, imagine 30 young girls in identical outfits, making pranks and entertaining guests at your wedding. That’s what the matchmakers traditionally did – they had almost nothing to do with actual matchmaking, by the way.