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Backside avaThere are so many great wedding traditions used by thousands of couples around the planet. But, as usual, there are also really awful or vulgar or embarrassing wedding trends. Strangely, these traditions sometimes become extremely popular these days. In your striving to surprise and cheer up your wedding guests, don’t make an epic fail that will spoil the most romantic and life-affirming day of your life. Think carefully as to what funny wedding traditions you should incorporate in your marriage ceremony. We’ve chosen the top-5 worst wedding trends you should say no to. These wedding rituals can turn the wedding party into something embarrassing and even ugly.


Embarrassing toasts

Lately, a strange wedding trend became very popular. The speakers at a wedding reception, especially the Best Man and the Maid of Honor, tell embarrassing and humiliating stories about the bride and groom. Yes, the guests laugh and such jokes cheer up people, but have you ever thought about the couple’s feelings? Some of them even have fights because these “funny stories” reveal the facts and details that should have stayed unknown. Why not make your speech romantic and adorable instead of funny and awkward?!



Too revealing wedding dress

A lot of brides start preparing their body for the wedding long before the special date. And, of course, they might want to show off their achievements by wearing a very open and sexy wedding gown. But don’t do that. Most of the people envision a bride as a shy, elegant, and sublime woman. You must be sexy and desirable only for your groom, not all of the guests around. So, keep too revealing and intimate clothing for your honeymoon. We don’t say that you should dress like a nun, but leave at least something to the imagination.



Wedding chicken dance

This tradition is rather popular even today, though the song is long since outdated. To many wedding guests, it looks ridiculous and old-fashioned to dance like this. And they must do it because the couple has planned it. Stop torturing your guests with a chicken dance. Or if you absolutely want it, at least don’t make every single person dance and don’t put it at the beginning of the party. Who in their right mind would enjoy it unless drunk?!



Wedding cake smash

Here’s another dumb tradition. Why would the bride and groom want to spoil their makeup and hairdo by smashing a cake into each other’s face? What bride would really enjoy it? And if she’s too beautiful to have a cake thrown into her face, why is it ok to do that to the groom? Anyway, you’re just ruining your cake, your pretty face, and sometimes even your mood, because some grooms turn this tradition into a prank and poor bride gets a not so nice surprise. At your wedding, you’re supposed to protect your beloved one, care about him/her, show your love and devotion, not destroy his/her wedding look.



Bridesmaids bum photos

This wedding trend is really awful. Why would anyone ever want to do that for their wedding?! We totally understand that it’s fun to make a few photos of the bride with her bridesmaids having a good time together – their symbolic last time together before she becomes a respectable Mrs. And there are tons of great ideas how to pose for these photos, but a row of bare bums isn’t one of them. It’s a lot better to look attractive, friendly, airily, or even sexy instead of gross and vulgar. Remember that you’re making the wedding photos to memorize possibly the most romantic and life-affirming moment of your life. Why would you want your friends’ naked cheeks in your wedding album for your parents, future children, co-workers, and so many other people to see?

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