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Corona avaBecause of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of weddings are being canceled or postponed these days. Sadly, that’s our reality now. And all we can do is try to stay safe and minimize our losses, including the financial losses caused by canceling or postponing the marriage ceremony. Don’t panic, don’t stress over your wedding if it was due in April-May 2020. Instead, determine your steps – what should you do first, second, and so on? When you have a plan, it’s always easier. Here are a few tips for you.

First of all, you have to choose one of the 3 options available: to cancel your wedding, for now, to postpone it till a few months ahead, or to carry on with your marriage ceremony but change it a little. What do we mean by changing the wedding ceremony? We’ve already written about it here: Wedding during Coronavirus pandemic. What options do you have?

Also, if you’ve planned your wedding for this summer, there is still a chance that we will overcome this pandemic and the quarantine will be over. So, don’t rush to postpone anything.

For those who decided to cancel or postpone the wedding, start with contacting your vendors and other people involved. Make a list of people you’ve made arrangements with (wedding venue, photographer, makeup artist, food vendors, florist, DJ, etc.) and discuss the matters with them. Be patient and understanding because they’re also stressing about all this situation. They’re losing money and their jobs, too. A lot of vendors today are seriously worried about the future of their business, they might be forced to close business. So, just talk to people and find possible compromises or solutions.

As soon as you have some new info about your wedding – whether it’s canceled or postponed, what’s the new date, and etc – let your guests know. They need to know what’s going on, what changes you have done. So, if you have a wedding website or page in social media, publish updates there. If not, make sure that everybody is notified personally. There are plenty of people who don’t take the COVID-19 seriously and continue living their lives without change. You don’t want some of your wedding guests coming to the venue expecting for the bride and groom to appear because they aren’t aware of canceling/postponing.




If you have a wedding planner, everything will be much easier. This person can take on all the work regarding the postponing of your wedding. They have experience and established relationships with vendors, they will help you cope with everything. If not, you’ll have to do all the work by yourself. Ask your friends and family for help. For example, your Maid of Honor or Best Man can make some of the calls. Use modern technology – organize a video conference or chat in messengers to coordinate your actions. This way, you won’t miss anything important.

When you’re postponing the wedding, one of the most important things you need to change is the menu. Of course, spring and summer weddings are a lot different from fall and winter weddings, but the style or theme can still remain the same. Though, you have to re-think your food choices. Your food vendor probably will provide you with options, so just discuss the details with professionals.

Some couples decide to postpone their wedding because they have a lot of out-of-country guests, who can’t come as the borders are closed. If that’s the only reason, think about organizing a live stream from the ceremony for them. You can have a micro wedding and get your guests to be present virtually through a video chat or video conference. This option will save you a lot of money and nerves.

What new date to choose if you’re postponing? Actually, this is a tough question. Most likely, you’ll have to make it at least winter 2020-2021. The thing is, the next fall is probably already booked full. But your new date will depend greatly on your wedding vendors, on their schedule. So, contact them first and decide accordingly. While you can always find another photographer or florist if your old one can’t make it on your new date, you’re depending the most on the venue and food vendors. Be ready that your wedding will be postponed to at least 8-12 months ahead.

How much will you lose because of postponing? Most of the vendors encourage the couples to postpone rather than cancel the wedding. If you still decide to cancel, you probably won’t be able to get the deposits back at all. And even if you’re postponing, a lot of vendors won’t return the deposits because they have already started working on your future wedding. Also, be ready for a postponement fee if you choose a date past 2020 – these businesses are just trying to survive. In any case, negotiate with your vendors and try to find a compromise.

What to do if you’re renting your wedding dress or wedding suit and you have to cancel or postpone the wedding? First of all, contact the company and discuss the situation. They might agree to return you the prepayment as this situation we have is an objective enough reason. If you’ve decided to postpone the wedding, the sooner you reserve a new date, the better because a lot of people are postponing these days – you might lose your chance to get the dress or tux you’ve chosen if you wait for too long.

So, let’s summarize a bit. Negotiation is the best way to deal with the situation we currently have. Try not to accuse or fight with your vendors but rather look for a compromise – their businesses suffer from this quarantine and pandemic in general no less than your wallet. And people always negotiate more effectively when they’re in a good mood.

For yourself, choose the tactic of reducing stress, because your good mood, mental health, and even relationships as a couple and with other people around are at stake. No amount of money is more important than all that. Try to find something positive even in this situation. For example, a wedding during worldwide pandemic is something you’ll remember forever. Also, stressful events are the best test for your relationships. If the couple overcomes such a difficult situation, there’s a big chance of a happily ever after for them. Remember that love, respect, and support are among the most weighty things in any marriage.

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