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wedding timelineWhen you’re beginning to plan your future wedding and don’t have a wedding planner, be ready for some real pressure. The process can turn into a nightmare. But, of course, no everyone can afford to hire a specialist and delegate the job to them. So, here are a few cool tips that may be useful for you. Particularly, this info will help you with picking the optimal wedding venue, wedding photography prep, and arranging cooperation with the hairstylist and makeup artist. But the most important thing in wedding planning is to look at all the details in perspective. And here’s what it means.


When planning a wedding, it’s extremely important to look at everything as a whole picture. Sometimes, different ideas seem perfect separately but when you combine them all, you get a mess. So, it’s very important, from time to time, to consider how every little thing looks together with other pieces. For instance, do bridesmaids’ dresses look tuneful with wedding décor and with the bride’s gown? Do the bride’s and groom’s outfits match? Is wedding décor balanced with the music and the type of ceremony and the theme? Does wedding furniture match the style of the venue?

Wedding planners advise to make photos of your every choice, print them, and put them on the table so that you could compare styles, themes, and designs. If something gets out of the line, change it until it’s too late. Because if you realize that your wedding dress and bouquet don’t fit together on the day of wedding, it will ruin your mood totally. Looking at every detail in perspective can save you a lot of nerves and stress.

Many couples can’t afford a wedding planner for the whole wedding prep process but there is an option even for them – you can consult with a professional when you have most of the aspects of your wedding thought out. The planner will look through your plan and give you a few pieces of advice or the go-ahead. It will cost less and save you from a lot of trouble.

Wedding venue

This is one of the first things you have to decide on and book. It determines your wedding budget, wedding theme, the date of your marriage ceremony, food, and so many other things.

But even before making a choice about the venue, consider your guest list because any wedding destination can house only a certain number of people and provide only certain services. So, before booking a venue, find out its max capacity of guests. Even if the place seems perfect for you but it can’t provide for your wedding guest list, you must choose another venue – or shorten the list of your wedding guests.

Also, when picking your wedding venue, remember that those guests who live far from it will have to get there (drive or fly) and they need a place to stay. Ideally, the venue should be as close to you and the majority of your guests as possible. Otherwise, you need to provide people with hotel rooms or someplace to stay.

And a very important factor, which many couples miss out. When choosing a venue, think about how it will look on your wedding date. Meaning that, in spring, every location looks green and blooming, but if you’re having a fall wedding, the landscape will change dramatically.

Photography and videography

Some people consider wedding videos to be an unnecessary expense. Yes, it costs more than just wedding photos, but the majority of couples watch their wedding video much more often than they look through the photos. A video can represent the event better and more spectacularly. It really is worth the money. But it doesn’t mean that you must do it, only if you want to.

What you definitely should do is have the wedding photos. They are a great reminder about this unique and happy day of your life. Though, there are some peculiarities you should know about wedding photography.

Choose your photographer thoughtfully. There are several different genres, so hire the photographer who works in the genre you like. It’s better to choose the professional according to his works, his style. Define for yourself what style you like best.

Wedding planners advise to have professional photos not only of the wedding day but also of engagement party, rehearsal (if you have one), wedding reception, etc. And it’s great when they’re done by one photographer in one style.

Before posing for the photographer, you can practice! Look for some wedding photos on the internet or in Pinterest and decide which you like and which you don’t. Pick a few poses, a few ideas, etc. It will be easier for both the couple and the photographer. During your wedding photoshoot, you won’t have time to think about the poses or ask the photographer to help you with it.

Hair and makeup

That’s also an important thing for any bride. It’s always better to have a makeup artist and hairstylist hired for your wedding rather than doing everything by yourself or with the help of your friends. That’s not one of those things you can save money on!

But what a lot of women don’t think of is that you should have a trial before the wedding day. You simply won’t have time to try several hairstyles or makeup styles on your happy day. Make sure that people who’ll work with your appearance see you not for the first time but already have had a chance to meet you and practice some of their ideas in real life.

To save money, here’s a tip for you. Arrange the makeup and hairdo trials on the day of your bridal shower or pre-wedding party. This will allow you to look good, make great photos, and get to know the artists who will work with you on the day of the wedding.

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