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Cookies avaWedding favors are a charming part of a wedding reception, they cheer up the guests and touch their hearts, especially when you give it some thought and present people not with just some useless trinkets but with something practical and cute. To help you choose cool wedding favors that won’t add up much to your wedding budget, we’ve prepared a few interesting ideas of DIY wedding favors. How to please your guests and save money? Here you are some great options.

Bag of cookies

If you or your mother (sister, best friend, fiance, etc) like to bake, you can make a great wedding favor that includes a few tasty cookies in a tiny bag. Most people like handmade cookies and would love to take such a present home to savor the sweets later or share with kids. Just make sure you don’t use ingredients that can cause food allergies. Also, make an assortment of cookies – it’s always more fun to have a choice and pick a cookie you like best.

Local spices or sauces

Those couples who invite a lot of out-of-town guests to their wedding can use this tip. Buy some local spices, herbs, or sauces and create a gift set. It will cost not much and your guests will be able to bring a sort of souvenir home. You can make your own DIY labels for the bottles and canisters with the names of the bride and grooms, the date of wedding, or just wish something to your guests. Like “With love from the Simpsons” or “Thanks for spicing up our wedding”, etc.

Tiny potted plant

This wedding favor idea is rather specific. If you know for sure that your wedding guests won’t appreciate a potted plant, pick another option. But for those who like such things and prefer green gifts, such wedding favors can seem adorable and cute. Make sure the plants are tiny, as are the pots – you don’t want your guests carrying a huge calla lily or orchid. Wrap the potted plant beautifully and sign it, use lace, ribbons, etc so that it looked like it belongs at a wedding.

Bag of coffee beans

So many people in every corner of the world drink coffee, so high-quality coffee beans can be a handy wedding favor. And coffee smells divinely, which will only add some charm to your wedding reception. Buy a large bag of coffee beans, make small bags of burlap or other natural material, create a handmade card – and your wedding favor is ready. Quick and easy.

If you’re good at making any other DIY things – handmade soap, candles, candies, candle holders, homemade creams, toys, just about any items you can make by yourself – use your skills to make perfect wedding favors for the guests. But remember that it’s better to create little gifts so that people could easily put them in a purse or pocket and stop worrying about them. Bulky wedding favors often are left behind because people simply don’t know where to put them or forget to grab them after the reception ends.

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