wedding photo avaGood wedding photos are extremely important for any couple. It’s your memory of the wedding day, they show your mood, your appearance, your attitude, your relationship with the person you love. But unfortunately, sometimes wedding photos are bad, and it’s a disaster for any bride. Why does it happen? Because people don’t hire a wedding photographer or choose not a professional, the couple can’t find a connection with the photographer, poses look non-natural, etc. We’ve prepared a few pieces of advice from wedding photographers that will help you to have the best wedding photos from your big day.

Make sure you like the style of your wedding photographer

We mean the style of his/her photos. Every photographer works in a certain manner that characterizes him/her as a professional. When you’re looking for a wedding photographer, always make sure that you’ve seen his/her works and loved them. It’s easier to pick the photographer by his/her photos than ask him/her to work in the style you want.

Meet your wedding photographer before the event

You absolutely need to meet the photographer in person, talk to him/her, see if you have a connection and if you can trust him/her with this awfully important task. Get to know each other a bit. Find out if you’re feeling comfortable with this person. Otherwise, look for another wedding photographer, because if you feel awkward or tense, there will be no good photos.

Organize a try-out

Before the actual wedding day, ask your future wedding photographer to make a try-out. It will help you to learn or try the poses you like, understand your photographer and his/her commands better, find any drawbacks you’ll have to correct, find the optimal angle for your face, and so many more things that can influence your wedding photos. Yes, you’ll have to pay the photographer for his/her time, but it will save you a lot of time and nerves during your wedding photoshoot.

If you’re not a big fan of paying extra, just organize an engagement photoshoot with the photographer and see if you want to work with him/her on your wedding day. This way, you won’t just throw money away but will get professional photos of your engagement party.

Trust your wedding photographer

When you’ve chosen a specialist, trust him/her to do their work the best they can. Wedding photographers with experience usually suggest some poses or backgrounds for your photos – listen to them. Because it’s your perfect wedding photos they think about. Let them do their work. Your task is to be happy and natural and enjoy the moment, everything else lies on the shoulders of your wedding photographer.

Limit the number of group photos

Group family photos should be made at a wedding, but only just a few of them. They’re not very spectacular or exciting, so don’t waste too much time on them. It’s better to combine group photos, staged photos, and spontaneous photos to make your wedding photo album interesting.

Don’t be afraid of unexpected poses and backgrounds

The best wedding photos are those made in action or in weird environment or in informal, creative poses, etc. So, don’t limit yourself to boring staged pictures, be inventive and let your photographer be inventive as well. Don’t be afraid to get the bottom of your wedding gown dirty when your photographer asks you to take photos in nature. Such portraits make killer photos.

Have an unplugged wedding

No one wants to see gadgets instead of faces in their wedding photos or to find out that most of the guests in the photos look at their smartphones instead of the bride and groom. So, a lot of couples opt for a so-called “unplugged wedding” – the wedding guests are forbidden to use phones and cameras during the wedding ceremony. Only the wedding photographer with his/her special equipment is allowed to use cameras.

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