wedding timelineA lot of brides and even professional wedding planners are at a loss as to what they can do today, this week, this month to continue the wedding preparation. The world pandemic and quarantine influence our life big time, so we need to adjust. If you’re panicking that your wedding planning is stalled and there is still a long list of things you must do before the wedding day, read this article and stop stressing. There is a whole lot of things you can do even while staying at home. Here are at least 7 things you can do now to make progress in your wedding planning.

Inspiration and research

For this, you don’t need to meet people or go anywhere. You can do it from your couch with only a smartphone or tablet or laptop. It doesn’t even matter on what stage of wedding prep you are right now. Just surf the internet and social media (Pinterest, Instagram, etc) to find out more info and more visuals that can inspire you. The main point of wedding planning is to find things that you like and incorporate them in your marriage ceremony. So, you need to look through large pieces of information and pick useful ideas. While we’re all waiting for the world to get back to normal life, we can get more knowledge to use later. Also, research can be interesting and exciting if you like the topic.

Compare vendors

Look at different types of wedding meals and pick the right one for you. If you haven’t booked a vendor yet, this is your chance to find the best possible offer. You can look through their web pages or talk on the phone about their prices and details of cooperation. Compare prices, contracts, foods, and so on. One good thing this pandemic definitely did – it gave us more free time, so we can use it with optimal benefit.

Wedding website

If you’re planning a big wedding with more than 50 guests, think about creating your wedding website. Small weddings can be easily organized without it, but the more guests you have, the more questions they’ll ask, and the more info you’ll have to spread. It’s much better to have a web page where they can go and get all the information they need. Otherwise, they will be calling you with every little thing. A wedding website can save you plenty of time.

Database of your guests

This is also the perfect time to gather the info on your wedding guests – their full names, addresses, e-mails, phones, etc. Everything you will need later for the invitations. If you’re planning to invite a few hundred guests, just imagine how much time is needed to fill in the invitations and verify the mailing info. Start now and take full advantage of the quarantine.

Watch online venue tours

A lot of wedding venues offer digital tours these days to show their potential clients what they can get if they book this particular location. A video is always better than a bunch of photos. So, if you haven’t picked a venue yet, this is the perfect time to watch online venue tours – it’s useful and fun. And you’ll be able to dive into the atmosphere of romance and beauty, which improves the mood, and we all really need it right now.


You don’t need to go anywhere to pick the music for your wedding, so now is as good a time as can be. Choose a DJ or band if you’re planning to hire one for the wedding party. And also, create a playlist with the songs you want to hear at your wedding ceremony, the song for you walking down the aisle, the song for your first dance, and so on. All the important tracks can be picked now, and you’ll feel content because you’re making progress, you’re moving closer to your big day.

Wedding photographer

You can choose a wedding photographer in advance, before meeting and booking him/her for the event. At the first stage, you have to pick the style of your future wedding photos and find a professional who works in this style. For this, you just look through many, many photos and decide if this person is what you need. At the same time, you can surf Pinterest and Instagram for poses and ideas you can use for your wedding photos. Later, when the quarantine ends and we get our normal life back, you will be able to meet with the photographer or several of them and make a final decision.

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