Wedding makeup avaThis is a headache for so many brides. We want to look perfect and stunning on our wedding day, but what if you can’t afford a professional makeup artist? What if you have no idea as to what style of makeup to choose for your special day? What if you make a mistake that can’t be corrected, ever? We can’t let that happen. So, here are a few tips, tricks, and pieces of advice for bridal makeup. They will help you look gorgeous and natural during your marriage ceremony and on your wedding photos.

Don’t use trendy makeup

Fashion changes all the time, old trends disappear and new trends come – that’s totally normal and natural. But you will keep your wedding photos for years, and it’s sometimes embarrassing to see how outdated your wedding dress or makeup looks like just a few years after the wedding. For example, take the 1990s with their bouffants, bright makeup, and huge shoulder pads – today they look laughable. So, it’s much better to choose a style of makeup that simply suits your facial structure and features and looks natural rather than going for any makeup trends popular right now. Wedding makeup should look so that you couldn’t put a date on it.

Wedding makeup should suit you

Of course, this is the main task of your makeup artist – to choose the right style, color palette, and so on for your face. But if you can’t afford a professional or don’t trust yours (which, by the way, is really bad! Change one immediately!), there are some major things you should pay attention to. Pick the right makeup for your skin color, eye color, hair color, etc. Your makeup should look natural and highlight the beauty you already possess.

The main thing about wedding makeup is that you should look like yourself and not somebody else, just the best version of you. Don’t change your appearance dramatically, only enhance the best features and conceal the worst.

Use long-lasting and waterproof makeup

Remember that you’ll have to spend the whole day and evening wearing the same makeup. At the same time, you have to look perfect during these many hours, fresh and beautiful. You might shed a tear as well or sweat a bit. So, your makeup should be strong enough to endure all that, which means that you need long-lasting and waterproof makeup.

Also, apply makeup in thin layers. Too much foundation or moisturizing products can lead to a situation when it all comes off quickly. Be careful with the amount of makeup and always apply it in thin layers.

Makeup for themed weddings

This is one of the few factors that can influence your wedding makeup. If you’re having a themed wedding, make sure your appearance fits in, including the makeup. If the colors of your marriage ceremony – décor, outfits of guests, photo zone, etc – are bright and your makeup is pale and indistinct, you’ll fall out of the picture, you’ll be outshone. And this is your day, when you should be the center of attention. But the opposite situation is also bad. Everything at a wedding should be in harmony.

Avoid light-reflecting makeup

A lot of women like sparkly makeup, and it often looks great, but avoid such cosmetic products at your wedding. Like shimmery powder or glitter eyeshadow. The thing is, there are many cameras with a flash around and the light changes during the day – in the evening, you’ll take photos under artificial lighting, for instance. Light-reflecting or sparkly makeup might ruin your wedding photos because it’s very peculiar and needs the right lighting to look good. So, better not to use it at all than constantly stress about the light.

Color of wedding dress changes makeup

Notice that the color of your wedding dress influences your whole appearance largely. It even influences how your makeup looks like. White fabric works not so good with some skin colors, and it can wreck even perfectly suiting makeup. When picking a wedding gown, consider how it looks with your skin and imagine what makeup can be worn with the attire. You want to look healthy and natural at your wedding, not pale and washed out or, vise versa, too tan.

If you’re having a makeup trial, take a piece of fabric the color of your wedding dress (as close to it as you can find) and throw it around your shoulders to see how the color of your skin changes visually. Because, obviously, you can’t drag your dress with you to every trial.

Always take photos of your makeup at the trial. Under the artificial light and with the flash, too. This way, you’ll see how your makeup looks through the camera.

Body makeup

Some people need a bit of body makeup to conceal little problems or just make the face and body uniform in color. Be careful with it and don’t apply too much or don’t use it in those places where it touches the dress because there will be marks left on the fabric. At the same time, make sure that every imperfection is taken care of, especially if you’re wearing an open-back dress or off-the-shoulder dress – basically, any garment that leaves a lot of skin bare. The wedding day is a time when you can and should spend hours on your appearance to look perfect.

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