Food and drink avaIf you’re the one responsible for planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, you have a lot on your shoulders. But knowing a few useful tricks, you’ll be able to do the job as effectively and comfortably for everybody as possible. Your main task is to organize this party to celebrate the future wedding, let the bride and groom relax before their big day and release all the stress they had during the wedding prep. But it doesn’t mean that you should stress over this bachelor or bachelorette party in their stead. Try to plan the get-together optimally, stay calm, and be prepared for unpredictable issues.

Tip #1

Take into consideration the couple’s wishes

If you’re the one responsible for planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, you have to understand what the bride and groom like and want for the event. Most likely, you know them pretty well if they trust you with this important get-together, so it won’t be such a challenge to guess what their tastes are. But anyway, it’s useful to ask at least a few questions about the party before organizing it.

What should you ask? If you plan to make a theme party, find out if they have any theme party idea in mind. Or if they like such events, in general. Maybe this couple thinks that theme parties are silly, who knows? Also, find out how wild the bride and groom want their bachelor or bachelorette party to be. Because some people like a crazy shindig, others want just to hang out with friends, still others desire a certain activity at their last party as single. Every person has their own preferences and dreams. And you should remember that this event is planned for them, so even if you don’t like the activity they prefer, it’s your duty to organize everything just the way the bride and groom want it to be.

Also, always ask the couple about the desirable length of the bachelor or bachelorette party. Do they want it to be just one evening or a whole weekend?

Usually, the bride and groom have separate bachelor and bachelorette parties. This is how it is traditionally done. But some couples might prefer to have a common party and spend this night or weekend together and with friends from both sides. This is their right, so you should honor their wish. Or it can be some activity that will bring two parties together for a few hours and then you split up again.

Tip #2

Divide responsibilities

When you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, don’t take on all of the work. It’s fine to divide the work and responsibilities between other guests. You’re in charge, but others can also help a lot.

A good idea is to create a group chat or something like that to plan the event and get help easily. Oh, and don’t include the couple in this chat! Details of the party should be a surprise for them.

And another important thing – if you divide responsibilities, remember to control the doers. Remind them about their piece of work and see if they do everything in time.

Tip #3

Leave some room for spontaneity

In planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, it’s important to leave some room for spontaneity. Not every second and every action should be planned. Some of the best moments are spontaneous. So, don’t try too hard.

Tip #4

Money can be a problem

Before planning a chic weekend, think hard if the invited guests can afford it. Usually, the bachelor and bachelorette parties aren’t paid-up by the bride and groom, so everybody pays for themselves, and you must understand that not everyone might afford a costly affair. More than that, often, the wedding party takes on the couple’s expenses for this get-together as well, so that the bride and groom didn’t spend money on this event, along with all the wedding expenses. So, you should either talk with every guest individually and make sure the bachelor or bachelorette party budget is fine for them or include in this event more affordable activities.

Another option is to roughly plan the party budget and discuss it with the guests to make sure everyone agrees on it. And it’s always better to talk money individually, rather than in a group chat.

Also, talk money beforehand. You need to determine the payment methods so that you didn’t have to deal with it during the party. Maybe take a credit card and ask everybody to transfer equal sums of money to it, and you can use this card to pay for everybody. Or remind the guests to have enough cash with them. In any case, it’s awkward but you have to discuss the payments in advance.

Tip #5

Be prepared for unpredictable issues

Mishaps happen. It’s a normal thing. So just be prepared to deal with various unpredictable situations – some guests may quarrel, the schedule may change, something unpleasant may happen, etc. Your job is to solve all of the issues and let the couple relax and have fun. So, try not to stress about every little detail that went wrong. Be prepared but, at the same time, keep calm.

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