wedding reception avaWhen you’re planning a wedding, one of the important issues is renting furniture for the reception. If you’ve decided to book a wedding venue, it will be much easier for you because the place provides everything you need and the staff knows how to solve any situation. But in so many cases, you have to organize a wedding dinner from scratch, which means renting the furniture, deciding on the number of guests, the amount of food, and so on. At least, with the furniture, we can help you a bit. Here are some tips and useful info you need to consider.

Renting tables for wedding reception

The number of tables depends on how many wedding guests are invited + additional tables for desserts, drinks, and for vendors (if they need ones).

The most common and usually available sizes of tables are round 60-inch and 72-inch and rectangular 8-foot tables. Here’s the first tip: rental companies often overstate their accommodating ability, so count very carefully how many people you can seat at one table. Wedding planners advise to seat no more than 8-9 guests at a round 60-inch table, 10 people at a round 72-inch table, and 10 guests at a rectangular 8-foot table. Otherwise, it will be too uncomfortable for each person to have a meal in such little space.

So, make sure your wedding guests have enough space to eat comfortably. If your list of guests is long, consider renting a larger place and a bigger number of tables instead of squeezing more people into a small location. Another option is to shorten the list of wedding guests.

Renting chairs

The assortment of wedding chairs is huge, so you have plenty of options. But avoid cheap plastic chairs that squeak when a person is moving. This squeaking can be really annoying and ruin all the atmosphere.

Another tip is to rent 10 chairs more than you need. Just in case some unexpected guests come or people want to have a sit in a lounge area, on a balcony, etc, or even if somebody accidentally breaks a chair – there are multiple situations that can happen when you would need extra chairs.

Renting linens

If your wedding is small and there will be only a few tables, you can buy linens for them, but most probably, you’ll need more than just 2-3 tables, so consider renting your wedding linens. Which linens to chose? It’s up to you, of course, it depends on the theme of your wedding, number and size of tables, wedding décor, etc. But remember that most rented tables are not in perfect condition, so it’s much better to pick floor-length linens for the wedding reception to hide all the imperfections. Such linens will look much, much better and will add a chic atmosphere to the event. You can easily rent floor-length linens – if you don’t know what the size should be, take the length of the table and add 60 inches.

Renting a tent

This is not quite furniture, but a tent is another item oftentimes rented for the wedding. Before renting it, think hard if you really need it because the deposit you’ll have to pay is quite big – about half of the overall rental cost. So, you lose a lot of money in case you change your mind and bail out. Though, if you plan your wedding during the rainy season or very hot summer season, a tent might be a must-have.

Tents are available on the market in a variety of sizes and materials, so consult with the rental company to choose the right one, depending on the number of wedding guests, size of your backyard (or place where the tent will be constructed), and other conditions.

Renting tricks. What should you know about renting wedding furniture?

When you’re choosing your rentals for the wedding reception, consider ordering everything from the same rental company. This will save you some money and a lot of time and nerves. You won’t have to deal with multiple deliveries. And you will know whom to contact if anything goes wrong or if you have any questions and issues (by the way, don’t be afraid to consult with your rental company if you have any doubts or questions – they are professionals and can give you some really useful advice).

Also, find out if this particular rental company delivers, sets up, and picks up the furniture after the event is over. It may probably cost you extra for these services, but otherwise, you’ll need to find someone else to do it, and believe us, you don’t want to make your wedding guests or bridal party drag tables. In case you want the rental company to pick up the furniture the same day, right after the wedding reception is over, be aware that it will cost you more than if they come for the furniture the next day – simply because the deliveryman will have to work extra hours.

Another tip is to make arrangements for your full guest count. Order the number of tables and chairs for maximum people, even though you know that some of them won’t come. You’ll be able to reduce the number later, but there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to order more chairs if the need arises. So, always talk with the rental company about the maximum count.

And the last advice – always set the exact time of rentals delivery. That’s very important because it influences your whole wedding day schedule.

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