wedding bouquete avaWhen you’re starting to plan a wedding, there is a big chance of getting confused and overwhelmed by everything you have to know, decide, and plan. Brides often go through tons of information before they are able to understand what they want and pick the right wedding venue, bridal dress, wedding décor, dishes for a wedding meal, etc. So, the best option is to decide on the most important things first and then move to more detailed plans. We’ve selected a few most significant wedding tips that will help you plan your big day.

Tip #1

Wedding venue goes first

The very first thing you need to decide on is the wedding venue. It influences practically all of your other choices and plans. And, of course, it influences the wedding date, which is the start point for any further planning. So, start by picking a wedding venue and booking it for a certain date. Depending on the venue, you can choose a style of wedding, theme, size (how many guests can this venue accommodate), décor, and so on.

Tip #2

Limit the options

It’s always much harder to choose something out of a huge number of options, so make your life and your wedding planning, in particular, easier by limiting your options to just a few variants. This applies to so many things – possible styles of a wedding gown, design of floral arrangements, design of wedding rings, style of wedding décor, etc. If you don’t limit your options, you’ll find yourself drowning in myriads of ideas, possibilities, inspirations, and offers the huge wedding business gives you.

Another advice is to go forward in wedding planning, not backward, which means you shouldn’t return to decisions you’ve already made and change them. It will only confuse you more and take more of your time. Once something is decided, it’s set. Unless your next decisions contradict it.

Tip #3

Don’t rush

In wedding planning, there is no place for haste. Give yourself as much time to plan as you feel comfortable with. Especially if you want a large wedding. It’s very common for American brides to plan the wedding for 12-18 months; in many other countries, this period is usually shorter, but still, you can’t plan a big wedding in a month. So, be ready to spend a rather long period of time to plan everything perfectly.

Tip #4

Create mood boards

To better understand your tastes and favorite ideas, create a mood board (or several of them) on Pinterest or somewhere else, where you can save ideas, inspirations, visualized options, and so on. This will let you make your choice easier and quicker. And you will see if different things fit together, if they’re in one style.

Also, such saved photos and visuals help communicate with vendors – you just send them a photo of what you have in mind and they understand you at once. Any changes can be discussed when you have a clear start point.

Tip #5

It’s only up to you

When you’re planning a wedding, plenty of people want to give you their opinion and advice. Usually, they’re just trying to be helpful. But you don’t have to incorporate all of their ideas in your wedding. Simply because it’s your big day, you and your partner are the center of attention. So, everything can and has to be according to your taste, desire, and style. A wedding should be personalized, so don’t be afraid to make your own decisions and break the established rules. If the advice people give you is good and you like it, use it, if not, forget about it. Otherwise, you might regret later that you didn’t have a wedding of your dream but of someone else’s dream. So, be a bit selfish about the wedding planning and do it your way.

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