Dance floor avaA lot of people consider the wedding music to be something unimportant and not worth their attention, but that’s a mistake you shouldn’t make. In reality, there’s nothing worse than awkward silence gaps or ill-timed blasts of music during the wedding ceremony. Except for that, there is a whole lot of common music-related mistakes made by the newlyweds during their wedding. We’ve selected top-5 most important and most common mistakes you should know about and avoid.

Mistake #1

Giving up wedding music at all

Even if you’re not a big music lover and don’t care much about music at all, don’t plan a silent wedding! A wedding without musical accompaniment feels dull and awkward. Of course, you save a lot of money when you don’t have to pay for a wedding DJ or band, but it just isn’t worth it. Don’t dismiss the idea of having some kind of musical accompaniment at the wedding ceremony, because walking down the aisle in silence, hearing all those awwws, murmurs of wedding guests, children asking their parents about your dress or something else loudly (if you’ve been around kids, you know how awkward their questions can be), sucks. So, even if you’re tight on wedding budget, look for some cheaper options (you can prepare a playlist for significant moments yourself and choose someone among the guests to be responsible for playing the audio system – it won’t be perfect but it's better than nothing) – music should be present at your wedding.

Besides, your wedding guests will be bored out of their minds if they have to wait for the wedding to start in silence. Ideally, your DJ should start playing music about 20 minutes before the ceremony officially begins. Nothing creates the right vibe and makes people feel cheerful like music does.

Mistake #2

Unacceptable music chosen for wedding ceremony

Especially this concerns church weddings. When creating a wedding music playlist, always think through every song. Because some pop songs can sound wrong or even offending in a church. It’s better to discuss your ceremony music with the officiant in advance so that you knew nobody will be offended. You’ll be able to play anything you like at the reception and party.

Mistake #3

Not meeting the musicians before the wedding

Choosing a live wedding band is usually hard, so meeting them before the actual wedding is a must. You need to know for sure how they sound in real life before you hire them. Because what if you don’t like what you hear or if the musicians act like punks? Always meet your wedding band in advance. Besides, you have to discuss the wedding playlist and other matters regarding the wedding day.


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Even with a wedding DJ, it’s better if you meet before the event to talk about your expectations, the music you like, and to understand the personality of the DJ (in case he/she is going to be an audio person at the wedding).

Mistake #4

Not creating desirable playlist and do-not-play list

Most probably, your wedding musicians will ask you to create a playlist of songs you would like to hear at the wedding or determine the music styles you prefer. Also, remember to create a list of no-go songs to let them know which tracks you don’t want the DJ to use. This is very important because we all are different, our tastes differ. Unless you don’t want to stress over the music during your happy day and blame the DJ for ruining your mood, discuss this beforehand.

Mistake #5

Too loud music at wedding reception

During your wedding day, there will be time for loud music and for soft and background music. You have to give your DJ or whoever is responsible for the wedding music a timeline for them to know when they should make the volume higher or lower. Of course, when the dancing begins, it’s great when the music is nightclub-level, but during the cocktail hour, when people are trying to communicate, they should be able to hear each other.

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