wedding avaWe all hope that the next 2021 year will bring us – if not the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, at least some improvement in this awful situation. And we believe that those weddings scheduled for 2021 will be celebrated as planned. So, here you are a few new – or maybe not so new for you – wedding trends expected to become the vogue the next year. Some of them appeared out of necessity, others arose naturally, due to the development of the wedding sphere.

New wedding technology trends

Even in 2020, a lot of weddings were held using some kind of new technologies, for example, live streams, video chats, or video conferences. More and more similar options appear to satisfy demand.

Also, during the last several years, virtual reality has become popular and a lot more affordable, so our guess is, weddings will soon be available for guests in the form of VR. Maybe not in 2021, but in the next few years. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Those weddings that aren’t streamed live are videographed and then made into a personalized movie. Videographers use camera drones to film the event and various other high-tech gadgets. This sphere will, of course, develop further and new technologies will become more and more involved at weddings.

Outdoor wedding venues

Again, due to the necessary social distancing, weddings in 2021 will be held more often outdoors, so such venues and locations as beaches, backyards, B&B yards, botanical gardens, farms, etc will gain popularity. These destinations are safer and they can be really romantic and attractive if decorated and prepared properly.


Outdoor wedding venue beach wedding


There is a serious minus to this trend for those countries where the weather is not warm and sunny all year round. An outdoor wedding means more preparation, a plan B in-store, and possibly more expenses to protect the location from rain or other unexpected weather turns. This article might be useful for those who plan an outdoor wedding: Don’t let the rain ruin your wedding. How can you rainproof your future wedding?

On the other hand, outdoor weddings can be cheaper because you don’t pay for a specialized wedding venue, which are usually expensive.

Personalization of weddings

Recently, micro weddings and small events with a limited number of wedding guests became a thing. And it’s always easier to make any celebration more personalized when fewer people are involved. So, in 2021, we’re expecting to see more personalization in weddings. Like, using some significant for the couple place as a wedding location or decorating the event in a certain manner you two like or having a themed/costumed wedding, etc. Anything you’ve always dreamed of incorporating in your wedding but were afraid or couldn’t afford to do is possible now, because the fewer guests you invite, the more flexibility you have.

Interaction between wedding guests

With smaller weddings, a closer interaction between the couple and their wedding guests becomes possible. A lot of people are too shy to speak in front of hundreds of guests but will gladly have a speech when only their closest family and friends are present. The same goes for dances and songs as a wedding gift for the bride and groom, different performances and similar activities we usually are too nervous to do in front of many people. So, some weddings might become even more interesting, interactive, and entertaining in 2021.

Dried flowers in wedding bouquets and décor

Wedding florists predict dried flowers and herbs to be the vogue in 2021. They already offer a lot of wedding bouquets, décor, installations, wedding table centerpieces, and other wedding floral arrangements that contain or even are composed only of dried flowers. Such flowers look beautiful and unusual, extravagant even. And they can last long, remaining stylish for days if you need to postpone or re-think your wedding ceremony. You don’t have to worry that your wedding florals will wilt and lose their marketable appearance.


Cotton wedding bouquet


Wedding dresses with shoulder wraps

If to talk about new 2021 trends in bridal gown designs, there is one particular very interesting and cute detail – sheer or lace shoulder wraps worn with strapless wedding dresses. This accessory looks magnificent, delicate, and truly stylish. It covers the decolletage a bit and adds the illusion of vulnerability to the bride.

With the help of such a shoulder wrap, you can transform your modern wedding dress with open shoulders and low neckline into something modest that can be worn to the church wedding ceremony. And then, you take the wrap off and continue celebrating in a more revealing gown.

Edible wedding favors

A lot of people would say that this is a great novelty because the wedding guests just eat these small treats and don’t have to carry their wedding favors around the whole night. So, it’s convenient. Such edible wedding favors can be a cookie, a small set of macarons, a cupcake, a doughnut, a tiny chocolate bar, or anything like that – you have plenty of choices! Be creative and choose something that most of your guests would like. Besides, such favors look divine and make wonderful photos.


Edible wedding favors


You can present and pack the favors so that people could either eat these sweets at once or take them home.

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