engaged avaIf you’ve got engaged recently, shared the news with the world, and now are ready to start planning your future wedding, there is a strong possibility that you don’t know what to do first. How to start the wedding planning? What steps must be done and in what order? There’s a huge piece of work right ahead of you. But don’t freak out. We’ll help you organize your planning effectively and comfortably.


Step #1

Set wedding budget

Before doing any wedding planning, you have to define how much exactly you are able / want to spend on this important event. No matter how big or small budget you have, it’s crucial that you understand the numbers. Otherwise, you might spend everything on the first few vendors and then will have a hard time finding money on other needs. So, before making any arrangements with vendors, signing any contracts, and leaving any deposits, make sure you divided your wedding budget smartly and there is enough money for everything you wanted.

In case your wedding budget is small – by the way, it’s totally ok, only you determine how much to spend on your wedding – here’s a nice article for you: How to make a low-budget wedding? Minimal list of things you must have.

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Step #2

Make wedding guest list

Another thing that you must do at the very beginning of your wedding planning is making a list of wedding guests. If you’ve decided to have a micro wedding, this list will be short and you won’t spend much time on it. But if you want to have a big wedding – we all hope that we’ll be able to have large gatherings of people in 2021-2022 – take a week or two to sit with your fiance or fiancee and make the list so that you don’t forget anybody.

Remember that the number of guests will influence your wedding budget greatly, so read this first: How to shorten your wedding guest list? What if you have to uninvite people?

Step #3

Set season and date of wedding

Together with your future spouse, consider what season would be perfect for your wedding – do you absolutely want it to be a summer or a Christmas wedding or you decide to save a bit and have a wedding in low season? The season and date might influence your budget a lot, so choose thoughtfully.

Wedding planners advise to pick not one but several – ideally, 3 – possible dates. That’s because when you start booking a venue and vendors, you might not be able to do it for the date you initially wanted. So, you need to have options to choose from.

Step #4

Wedding apps and tools

If you know absolutely nothing about wedding planning, you need one of those apps or wedding planning tools that you install on your phone – they can give you a lot of useful tips, like detailed timeline of planning and so on. You just do everything step by step as the app suggests and – voila – every issue is set. That’s a lot easier than researching every little thing by yourself. There are free of charge and paid apps, choose any of them.

There are online platforms and communities connected to wedding planning as well, where you can find plenty of info, tips, pieces of advice, and personal experiences. You can talk to the brides and grooms that have already had a wedding and are ready to share their experience. Or you can engage in a conversation with people who are only planning a future event, same as you, and compare your progress or experiences.

Wedding planner

Also, this is the time when you hire a wedding planner or coordinator – if you decide to do it. Small weddings are easily planned by the bride and groom themselves. With a grand wedding, you most definitely need professional help. So, make this decision for yourself, whether you need a planner or can go without.

Step #5

Choose wedding venue

Start planning the details of your future wedding by picking a venue because it determines the next steps. You have to know where your event will be held to make arrangements with other vendors. Is it a beach wedding, a backyard wedding, a castle wedding, a large wedding in a special all-inclusive venue?

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