wedding bouquete3 avaDIY wedding florals – sounds cool, isn’t it? But are you ready to spend a whole lot of your time and effort to create your wedding flower arrangements with your own hands? Think very carefully before getting yourself involved in this interesting but not-so-easy activity. You have to know all of the pros and cons. For some people, DIY florals are a perfect way to save money, others prefer to hire a professional wedding florist and leave all the work to them. Which option is the best for you? This article will hopefully help you decide.

DIY wedding florals can look wonderful, but it’s not for everybody. If you’re not so good at DIY, that’s fine, don’t worry about it. But on the other hand, it might help you reduce your costs if your wedding budget is smaller than you would like it to be. Because hiring a professional wedding florist is expensive.

So, what to do if you’re not sure about DIYing your wedding flowers? Should you do it? Or should you hire a professional and be certain that everything will be taken care of?

Here’s what you need to have to even think about DIYing your wedding florals.


Don’t choose the DIY option if you don’t like doing such things. Unless it’s a pleasant activity for you that will bring you joy and satisfaction, forget about it. You don’t need any more stress and spending money on materials that will go straight to a garbage bin if you fail. Some people simply aren’t good at DIY, and that’s not something to be ashamed of. Maybe it’s better to hire a less fancy and less expensive florist if your wedding budget is small.


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But if you like doing DIY things, if you have experience in it, and your desire to create your wedding décor by your own hands is strong, then, of course, go for it. At least give it a try – you can buy just a few florals and do a small try-out to find out if you like to do it and if you like the result of your work. Make a small bouquet or table centerpiece to explore your skills.

By the way, you don’t have to do all your wedding flower décor by yourself. Choose whatever is interesting for you and pay for the rest – when your wedding budget is tight, anything that reduces expenses is useful. For example, you can DIY your wedding table centerpieces but pay for the wedding arch and wedding bouquet.

Time to learn

Remember that DIY takes a ton of time, especially when a lot of flower arrangements need to be done. And even more time you’ll have to spend on researching because floristics studies so many things. To work with such delicate objects as flowers, you need to learn a lot about them – which can be combined and which not, which is better for certain season and weather, which fray quicker than others, which suit better for floral arrangements floating in the water and which are strong enough to stay fresh without the water, which can do some harm to your wedding guests allergic to flowers, and so many more issues. If you want to do your wedding flower installations by yourself, study all this.

And after the research, do some practice before starting to work on the arrangements which will be actually used at your wedding. Because you want your wedding flowers to look perfect and professionally made, right?

So, if you can’t spare plenty of time, think about hiring a florist or reduce the number of wedding florals.

Time to create arrangements
(days before the wedding)

You must also understand that flowers are live, so you can’t create your floral wedding décor way in advance, you’ll have to do it right before the wedding. You’ll have only a few days at best. And this is another reason why people hire wedding florists – they can’t spare so many hours on flowers when there is still so much to do. DIYing your wedding florals can really stress you out even more than you already are.

Of course, you can choose not live flowers but some high-quality artificial ones or dried flowers or some greenery and plants that are more resistant to fraying. In this case, your floral arrangements can be done in advance and wait till your wedding day. But still, most couples want live flowers, and it can add a lot of effort. Consider this very carefully.


Unless you need to create just a few flower arrangements for your wedding, you need some help to do it. If your goal is to make 30 wedding table centerpieces, two wedding bouquets (one for throwing it to your guests), and some other floral décor, there is no chance of doing it alone. You need help from your friends or parents or bridal party, etc. At least several people have to work on it to finish the prep in time. So, think hard, how much help do you have. Because what can be worse than spending two days DIYing your wedding flowers and failing to finish in time?!


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Another important thing is that you need to find a person responsible for putting the floral décor in place. Who will take all those flower arrangements from the water and put them on the tables or on the walls? The bride and groom won’t have time to do it. There has to be someone or several people from your bridal party or your friends who will be responsible for this. And you need to ask them and get their word that they will do it, don’t assume that someone will just do what needs to be done without your control or reminding.

We hope this info will help you make the right decision regarding your wedding flower arrangements. Again, you don’t have to DIY your wedding florals, unless you’re super excited to do it. It’s only up to you if you choose to DIY your floral wedding décor or not. But be sure to prepare and practice before doing it and don’t forget to get help.

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