wedding color avaThe favorite color is such an individual thing. And you’re welcome to use any color palette you like for your wedding, no one will judge you simply because your wedding colors are not the vogue this season. But if wedding trends are important for you and you would prefer to know what is fashionable right now and what isn’t, this post might be useful for you. Let’s talk about trendy color palettes in 2021. Besides, wedding experts say that it is highly possible the same colors will stay fashionable even in 2022.

What colors are the most trendy in spring-summer 2021?

These are peach, champagne, nude, sand, beige, chalk – various natural shades and muted colors. They are perfect for weddings because they’re tender and delicate, which is a good thing in this case. Bright and aggressive colors are not the choice in 2021. Of course, those people who love vivid colors and are bored by neutral colors totally can use their beloved palette – if something makes you happy at your wedding, go for it.

Among some of the brighter colors trendy in 2021 are terracotta (it will probably fit at spring-summer weddings best) and teal (is good for any season). Even though these more vivid colors will be used, they will be cheerful accents or splashes of color, mixed with lighter and more muted shades. Maybe some small amount of muted teal or terracotta will be added to a neutral color palette.

And ever-present, ever-popular black will also combine nicely with muted colors to create some texture and emphasis. It will add an industrial look to weddings. The same can be said about copper tones.


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Also, while we often see different variations of pink and rosy shades at weddings, this trend is getting a bit old-fashioned. This wedding season, the trendy colors often have a yellowish or orangish undertone, not pinkish. A lot of brides simply got tired of all those pink wedding dresses and wedding décor. So, this is something new and fresh.

Another curious thing about trendy wedding décor in 2021 is that dried flowers are so fashionable and popular now. This is sort of connected with the muted wedding colors because dried florals also look more neutral and muted than fresh flowers. So, they make a wonderful composition with the natural wedding palette.

Natural wood will complement the look and add an even more natural style to a wedding.

What colors are the most trendy in fall-winter 2021?

Most probably, the colors we’ve just talked about will darken and deepen a bit closer to fall 2021. So, there will be rust colors, burnt orange, gray-teal, peach, mustard, etc. Darker and deeper shades will be mixed with muted shades from the previous warmer season.

Some greens and ambers will start to appear.

Again, black, copper, wood, and dried flowers will make a perfect fall combination with the mentioned colors.

In general, wedding décor is becoming more and more natural, cozy, homey. Different eco-friendly items, potted plants, dried flowers and plants – all this will be the vogue in the next few wedding seasons.

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