wedding avaWhen you’re starting to plan your wedding, the mass of information you need to research and take in might overwhelm you. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared 10 short and clear tips that will help you a lot and won’t take much of your time reading and picking scraps of advice out of long and complicated texts or videos. We’ve already done that for you. So, get ready to make notes)).


Tip #1

Don’t rush into planning

Don’t try to do everything on the first day. Take your time and do your planning one step at a time. Otherwise, you’ll get tired and stressed-out quickly.

Tip #2

Pick style over fashion

Whatever you’re deciding on – your wedding dress, wedding décor, wedding color, wedding bouquet, etc – don’t get fixated on fast-changing trends (they’re new every season), rather go for stylish and high-quality things that are timeless. And you will enjoy your wedding photos decades after the big day.

Tip #3

Have a backup plan

Try to be ready for any possible mishaps. You know what they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. When you have a solution for the most critical problems, you’re stressing a lot less over the event.

Tip #4

Determine your budget first thing

Before making any arrangements and booking vendors, sit and set your wedding budget, find out who pays for what, and what room for maneuver you have. Also, determine the most costly issues (venue, dress, reception, etc) and divide your budget between them to see how much you have left for other expenses.

Tip #5

Stick to your decisions

When you make a decision, it’s final. Don’t change your mind frequently because you’ll only waste your time and have more work. Major issues have to be decided and set, all the rest will depend on these things. For example, the wedding guest list can’t be changed too often because it will cause changes in your wedding dinner budget, rentals, transportation, etc.

Tip #6

Always have extra

When ordering something for your wedding, always have a few extra in case some changes are done or something breaks, gets lost, etc. Order a dozen more invitations that you need to be printed – you might make a mistake or you might remember about guests who aren’t on the list. Have a few extra seats, wedding favors, wedding day info suites, parking places, and so on.

Tip #7

Pick your wedding vendors carefully and then trust them

One of the most important things is to choose good wedding vendors. Pay a lot of your attention to this. Check their reviews, meet in person, and read a contract carefully. When you’re confident in their professionalism, trust them to do their job and delegate part of the work to them.

Tip #8

Season of the year is important

Many decisions will depend on the season when your wedding is held. For instance, cold soft drinks should be served at a summer wedding and hot drinks at a winter wedding. Certain flowers can survive a dry hot day, others not. Your wedding makeup should be done according to the weather. Different wedding meals and wedding cakes are better for different seasons. Even to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, depends on the season.

Choose seasonal florals and food – it’ll save you some money.

Tip #9

Never hurts to ask

If you’re tight on your wedding budget, don’t be shy to ask for possible discounts at the venue and from vendors. Don’t wait for them to offer, you might save some extra money if you ask.

Tip #10

Protect your risks

If you can afford wedding insurance, buy it. You don’t have to get the full package, protect at least some of your risks with basic insurance.

Also, try to always sign contracts with wedding vendors, and actually read those contracts to know what you’re getting. Get and save receipts if you’re paying by cash.

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