Vintage wedding shoes avaIn the 19th century, brides of the Western world didn’t have as large an assortment of wedding shoes as we do now. Even the most discerning fashionista had to pick or order custom-made footwear from the available styles and designs. But this doesn’t mean that 19th-century bridal shoes were boring or ugly. They weren’t as fancy as contemporary wedding heels, but they were charming and delicate and made with love. Here are several cutest and most trendy vintage bridal shoes from the 1800s stored and exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

In the 19th century, the most fashionable and desirable bridal shoes were cream or ivory satin shoes with a small heel or flat. They were comfy and good-looking. If the bride wanted something unique and special, she could choose the trimming to her taste – ribbons, rosettes, lacing, tassels, decorative buttons, embroidery, inserts, etc.

19th-century brides wore ballet flats, boots, kitten heels, ankle boots, spool heels, strap shoes, and other styles of women’s shoes we use today as well.
So, let’s look at the loveliest and most interesting wedding footwear from The Met collection. All of the photos are from the


Vintage wedding shoes3
American silk wedding slippers, 1864. They have charming decorative rosettes on the toes and small heels


Vintage wedding shoes4
French silk bridal ballet flats, 1840-1849. They’re made in a simple and elegant design


Vintage wedding shoes5
American ankle-high wedding slippers, about 1856. Smooth and sleek, with lacing at the side, heelless


Vintage wedding shoes6
American leather bridal boots with a row of buttons at the side, 1875. They look rather sophisticated


Vintage wedding shoes7
American wedding boots with a similar design to the previous pair but made of canvas, 1865. They are not only adorned with buttons but also have decorative tassels on the front


Vintage wedding shoes8
Bridal strap shoes with cute rosettes on the toes, 1867-1875. They’re made from silk, with small comfortable heels


While most trendy 19th-century bridal shoes were white or cream colored, there were also shoes in other colors available. Like black, violet, purple, etc.


Vintage wedding shoes1
Belgian black wedding boots, 1871. They’re made from leather and silk


Vintage wedding shoes2
American silk wedding slippers, 1860

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