Divorce avaWho knows more about saving a marriage and avoiding divorce than divorce lawyers. These people see the ugliest side of marriages and know a whole lot about quarrels and insults between husbands and wives. But also, they can give the best possible advice as to how to save your marriage and avoid divorce. What mistakes of a couple lead to divorce? How to choose the right partner so that you didn’t regret later marrying the wrong one? How to build your relationship strong and healthy?

Tip #1

Take your marriage seriously

Ideally, you choose a partner for life, so be very careful with your choice. Make a measured decision as to whom you marry. Don’t rush into marriage if you’re not sure you want to be with this person for the rest of your life. About 53% of marriages in the US end in divorce. Why? Of course, there are many sober and objective reasons, but a lot of couples get a divorce simply because they rushed into marriage or made an ill-considered decision (for example, got wed drunk in Vegas or were dying to wear a fancy wedding gown, no matter who the groom will be).


Tips on how to save marriage


We’re NOT saying that marriage is something bad and dangerous and you shouldn’t get married at all. Just think carefully and choose your future spouse thoughtfully. You should love and respect each other enough to spend the rest of your life together in happiness.

Tip #2

Choose the right partner

You can date different people, some of them might be so much not like you, and it’s fun. But when you’re marrying a person, try to choose the one who has a similar temper or lifestyle to your own. Because if one of you is very social, active, and energized, while the other is an introvert who spends all of his or her time at home and doesn’t feel comfortable in a crowd, you might end up fighting and not understanding each other. It’s a lot harder for different people to find something in common, which can lead to a divorce in the end. You should understand that, most probably, neither you nor your honey will change much after the wedding, so think hard if you two can live one life together and both be happy. In some rare cases, couples can build strong relationships when they’re complete opposites, but by far not everybody manages to do that. You have a lot more chances if you have a similar temper, tastes, favorite activities, and attitude to life.

Tip #3

Respect your partner during the marriage

Respect is a very important thing in any relationship, but for a married couple, it’s probably the most significant thing. Love and passion can go away after years of being together, but your respect must always stay with you. It’ll help you go through problems and troubles together, not losing your connection and not ruining your marriage. So, don’t marry a person you don’t respect in the first place, and try to save this respect throughout the years after the wedding. Even if one day you’ll decide to divorce, it will be a lot less painful for everybody, including your children, if you treat each other with respect.

Tip #4

Talk money before the wedding

Meaning that you both need to understand your partner’s financial situation before actually getting married. If you want to sign a marriage contract, that’s fine, if not, that’s also fine. But also, talk with your future spouse about your lawns or debts (if there are any) and about the possible sources of income you’ll have in the nearer future. The husband and wife must understand what financial issues their new family will face in the future.

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