Crepe bridal gown avaThis 2021 year is still slow for the wedding business, but we’re moving toward the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, probably the second half of 2021 might be a lot more suitable for weddings. If you’re a bride on a low start waiting for the wedding of your dream to happen at last and still don’t have the perfect wedding dress, it’s high time to buy one. Here are the top-10 wedding dress trends we will see in 2021. Choose one of them and you’ll look wonderful on your wedding day.

Short wedding dresses

Many different designs of short gowns are popular this year. And when we’re saying “short”, we don’t mean mini skirts, rather these are mid-calf-length, knee-length, or above-the-knee-length gowns. The skirt can be puffy, A-line, etc, with various tops. But make sure your bridal gown doesn’t look too revealing or sexy.


Off-shoulder wedding dresses

Such gowns look extremely beautiful and feminine. They are made so that the shoulders are bare. But at the same time, they don’t appear indecent or too sexy. Just a touch of seductiveness. Off-shoulder wedding dresses can have long or short sleeves, can be sleeveless with shoulder straps worn down, etc.

Off shoulder wedding dress

Off shoulder wedding dress


Bishop-sleeve dresses

Wedding gowns of various cuts and designs but with wide, lace bishop sleeves are also extremely trendy in 2021. Puffy sheer sleeves add a touch of sophistication to the gown.


Cape dresses

Floor-length wedding gowns paired with a variety of long capes are trendy in 2021. The cape can be made from lace, tulle, or the same fabric as the gown. Practically always, the cape is also floor-length. It adds a regal look to the bride.

Crepe bridal gown


Slip wedding dresses

These gowns look natural and feminine. They hug the bride’s body nicely. But you should remember that this style is not very forgiving and flattering, so it suits perfectly not every figure.


Ruffled wedding gowns

Wedding dresses with fluffy ruffled skirts and tight-fitting bodices, often with corsets, are particularly trendy now. The skirts can be rather wide and puffy. The look is rather romantic.

Ruffled wedding gown


Bridal gowns with layered skirts

This style of wedding dress is similar to a ruffled skirt dress. It also typically has a fitting bodice and a wide, layered skirt. Sometimes, the layers can be of different colors or shades or made from different fabrics.

Wedding gown with layered skirt


Crepe bridal gowns

These modern-looking dresses with clean lines and a fitting cut are considered classic wedding gowns. They are usually floor-length, with a small train and short sleeves this year.


Wedding dresses with square neckline

A square neckline is another nice trend of 2021. It suits a lot of women, underlining their bust beautifully. The style and design of a bridal gown can be different, but they have a square neckline.



If you’re not a big fan of wedding dresses or want to show off your long and slender legs without wearing a too revealing skirt, try on a white bridal pantsuit. There is a wide range of them today on the market. Some are made from solid fabric, others from lace (though, not transparent), etc. Also, there are suits with fitting leggings or pants and an open skirt on top. And by the way, such suits look wonderful.

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