Grooms attire tips avaIf you’ve read our previous article Groom’s wedding suit. What to wear for your wedding?, then you already know what costume to wear for the big day. But there are other issues in your wedding look that need your attention. No matter how small the details of your attire might be, they matter because you have to look your absolute best on this day. Here is a list of things you need to check and prepare in your groom’s look – from socks to pockets to hairstyle, etc. So, let’s start from the toes and move toward the head.

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Groom’s wedding suit. What to wear for your wedding?

Groom’s footwear

Your shoes need to be pristine, clean and polished. Make sure the shoes fit your suit perfectly and fit your feet perfectly. You have to feel comfortable in them, be able to walk and stand all day long. At the same time, your wedding shoes have to look expensive and high-quality – remember, a man is judged by his shoes.

Groom’s socks

Socks seem such a small and insignificant detail but they’re not. When you’re walking, posing for wedding photos, dancing, and so on, your socks peek from under the pantlegs, so they have to be proper. Probably we don’t need to tell you that your socks should be new and high-quality, but also, they can’t be white (those are for sportswear, not for formal clothing) or too short (believe us, no one wants to see your hairy legs). Choose knee-high or mid-calf-high black or navy socks with a formal suit. If your attire is more casual or you want to use your wedding colors in your wedding outfit, you are free to use colorful socks. Sometimes, a groom and his groomsmen choose brightly patterned or printed themed socks for fun.

Unstitch pockets

New suit jackets (and sometimes even trousers) are usually purchased with pockets stitched shut. Manufacturers do that on purpose so that the garment retains its original look and shape. They’re transported, hung for months or years in a store, tried by potential buyers, and so on – all this influences the appearance of a suit. That’s why the pockets are sewn shut. You need to unstitch them at home or ask somebody to help you prepare your wedding suit.

Don’t forget about deodorant

Always use deodorant on your wedding day, even if you don’t do it in ordinary life. Make sure you smell good for your bride. Also, you’ll wear the same suit the whole day long and possibly part of the night as well, you’ll be nervous and excited and sweat a lot, so use some sweat protection.

Groom’s tie

Formal wedding suits require some kind of a tie. Whether it’s an ordinary necktie, a bow-tie, a neck scarf, a cravat, a string tie, or something else you’ve chosen for your wedding look, practice to tie it in advance. Don’t wait for your wedding day to find out that you don’t know how to properly do your tie. Or choose one that is clipped rather than tied – a lot of bow-ties, for example, are sold tied and sewn, and you just wear them around your neck and fasten.


Groom's attire with bow-tie


Groom’s accessories

In the groom’s wedding attire, accessories matter a lot. Men don’t usually wear jewelry, like your bride will probably do, but you can pick fancy cufflinks, a nice watch, a finger ring or earring (if you use them), a belt with a cute buckle, etc. Such accessories will complete your wedding look.

Additional attire can prove handy

Some grooms choose two different outfits for their wedding day. It can be a strictly formal suit for the wedding ceremony and something more casual for the reception. You don’t have to do it, but if you think you’ll feel more comfortable changing your clothing, it’s totally fine. This depends a lot on your wedding location – a formal tux at a backyard wedding or farm wedding might look strange. It doesn’t have to be another full set, maybe you’ll stay in the same slacks but switch your dress shirt and a suit jacket for a lighter shirt or a shirt and a waistcoat.

Everything neat and perfect

In general, every part of your wedding clothing should be neat and tidy. Your shirt should be pristine and pressed, your suit jacket clean and free of strange fibers (cat fur, hairs, threads, etc), your tie straight and perfectly tied, your shoes polished, etc. The same can be said about your body – showered, perfumed, your nails clipped or manicured, your hair clean and freshly cut, your facial hair taken care of (either shaved or trimmed), etc. Make sure you look your best. If you don’t usually take such measures to look great, ask your mother or sister or aunt to help you – women usually notice any flaws and can point at them.


Chic groom's accessories


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Groom’s wedding suit. What to wear for your wedding?

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