Grooms attire avaMost women start imagining their wedding day when they’re little girls. Often, they know exactly what wedding look they want to have – what dress to wear, what hairstyle to make, what makeup to do, what accessories use to complement the dress, etc. But men are a lot more practical and pragmatic, they don’t usually dream about their wedding day, so the issue of their wedding attire might seem confusing for them. What should the groom wear for the wedding? What style to choose? Should the suit be formal or can it be more casual? And does it really matter all that much, what you’ll wear – maybe you should let your bride shine and sparkle instead?

A lot of men can’t decide if they need to fret so much about their appearance on the wedding day. They leave it to their brides to look wonderful and be the focus of everyone’s attention. But that’s actually the wrong thing to do. Even if you’re not a fashionista and don’t usually worry too much about your look, this one day in your life is the time to do it. You should try to look your absolute best on your wedding day because the wedding photos will be passed down to your kids and grandkids, you and your spouse will look at them years after the big day, and all your relatives will see them. Make them all admire how you look as a couple. Don’t you want your grandchildren to say, “Hey, grandpa was really handsome, I can see why grandma chose him” or “You and grandma were such a beautiful couple”?

For the groom, it’s easier to look good on the wedding day. You don’t have to worry about so many little things in your appearance that brides have to cope with. What do you need to do? Pick a truly nice and fitting suit, do a fine haircut that suits you, take care of your facial hair (shave it or trim it) and nails, add a few accessories (a nice watch, cute cufflinks, comfortable and good-looking shoes, etc), and you’re ready.

The hardest thing for the groom is to choose the right wedding suit. And we have a few tips and pieces of advice for you on this matter.

Groom’s wedding suit tips

How formal should the groom’s wedding suit be?

It’s up to you and your bride. But don’t be afraid to overdress. This is one of those occasions when you totally can look formal and festive. If you want to dress in a tux, do it. If you prefer something more casual, fine, but try not to be too casual – jeans and a flannel shirt aren’t the best attire for the groom.


Formal groom’s suit
Formal groom’s suit


Matching pair

Make sure your wedding outfit fits your bride’s attire in style, maybe in colors or some details, too – you should look as a pair, not just two people standing together. If you will be wearing a tuxedo and she a casual sundress, it’ll look ridiculous. Same as her wearing a sparkly dress with a train and you jeans with a white shirt.

Groom’s business suit can be used after the wedding

If you don’t want to buy for your wedding day something you’ll wear only once (like a tux or tailcoat), choose a fine business suit. You’ll be able to use it later for other festive occasions or for office work. A high-quality suit is always a handy thing in the man’s wardrobe.

In case you absolutely wish to be dressed super fancy, in a tux or some other extremely formal attire, you can rent your wedding clothing. It’ll be less expensive and you won’t have to store a costume you’ll never wear again.

But remember, that your wedding attire should look expensive and polished. So, it’s better to buy a business suit you’ll be able to wear later but custom-made and high-quality than a cheap tux for a one-time event. If you decide to rent the wedding attire, make sure the quality is good.

Vest will make the suit look formal

An ordinary high-quality business suit looks a lot more formal and festive when it’s a 3-piece, with a vest. So, you can buy a less formal suit rather than a tux and add a waistcoat so that it fit the occasion. And after the wedding, the same suit without a vest can be worn as business wear or festive wear.

Wear a tie to the wedding

A wedding is a very special event and you won’t regret wearing a rather formal attire, which means that some kind of necktie will be nice. It can be an ordinary necktie, a bow-tie, a neck scarf, a cravat, a string tie – whatever you feel fitting and whatever you like. Any tie is better than the absence of a tie altogether. There is even a large assortment of neckties made specifically for a wedding – they’re high-quality, with silver thread interwoven, and they look wonderful in wedding photos.


Groom’s 3-piece suit with bow-tie and lovely DIY boutonniere
Groom’s 3-piece suit with a bow-tie and a lovely DIY boutonniere


Choose the color of your suit wisely

Professionals advise to choose a dark but not black suit for your wedding if you want to use it later for other occasions. A navy blue, gray, or charcoal suit is a lot more usable than a black one. If you pick a light-colored suit (for example, to match your bride’s attire), consider the color carefully – can you wear it in everyday life? Say, will you feel comfortable wearing a white suit or a pink suit or an orange suit? If it fits your style, go for it, if not, maybe consider other options.

Wedding suit accessories

There are nice wedding suit accessories that you can choose – cufflinks, a suit pocket square, a buttonhole or boutonniere (the difference between them you can learn here: Everything you should know about buttonholes and boutonnieres). They’ll make you look polished and stylish.

Shoes and socks

Don’t forget about your shoes and socks for the wedding day. They also should fit your attire and look formal. So, no sandals or sneakers, unless you and your bride choose a very casual or extravagant style of attire. Remember that shoes are what tells the most about a man – they should be high-quality, clean, and if possible, new. The socks have to be high, over the calf, because you don’t want your hairy legs peeking from between your pantlegs and socks on your wedding photos or during the wedding rituals. It is considered improper.

Destination weddings. What to wear?

If you’re having a beach wedding or an elopement wedding, of course, you don’t have to dress as formal as for a church wedding. It’s up to you, what wedding ensemble to pick in this situation. But still, try to be at least a bit formal. A light linen suit looks a lot better than shorts and a T-shirt – that’s not the proper clothing for such a significant event. The destination should influence your choice but to a certain limit.


Less formal groom’s attire suits better for elopement wedding
Less formal groom’s attire suits better for elopement wedding

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