wedding first look avaSome couples prefer to see each other for the first time in wedding attire at the wedding aisle and experience that wow-effect. Others want to drive to the church or venue together, supporting each other and sharing every moment of their special day. Both options are totally fine, choose whatever you feel right. Another possible variant is to get to the venue separately and have the wedding first look there even before the ceremony begins. It’s truly romantic to have a few minutes together and share your excitement minutes before one of the most important and fateful events in your life. So, should you have the first look?

Of course, the wedding first look is not for everybody. If it’s important for you to make your groom speechless by walking down the aisle looking magnificent, then don’t spoil the moment and skip the first look meeting. Or if your marriage is arranged and you don’t know your fiance or fiancee too well, the first look might be awkward and nervous, so maybe it’ll be better to meet at the altar. Before organizing this moment, consider whether it’s the best option for your couple, have a talk with your partner, and decide if you want to have the first look.

Wedding first look. What’s it like?

This is a meeting of the bride and groom (bride and bride or groom and groom) before the wedding ceremony begins. Both are ready for the wedding, dressed to look their best, and prepared to say the vows. You meet at the venue – whether it’s a church or wedding hall or any other place where your official wedding ceremony takes place. Someone has to organize the first look encounter – it can be your wedding planner or coordinator, your best man and maid of honor, or someone else close to you. It has to be a quiet, intimate place where you won’t be disturbed by the wedding guests or personnel. The meeting can be organized differently, a creative and imaginative first look might improve your mood and take away nervousness.


Should you have first look at the wedding


Some couples come to the opposite sides of a closed door, exchange a few words before opening it, take photos separately or film this moment of anticipation, and then open the door and see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. This is an unforgettable instant! And then, they take a few wedding photos together, feeling conspiratorial because no one knows what they’re doing at the moment – the guests are waiting for the ceremony, the personnel makes the last preparations, and the bridal party is excited and cheerful.

Or you can meet in a small room decorated in a romantic fashion. The groom turns his back to the door and waits for the bride to come and tap him on the shoulder or hug him from behind or close his eye with her hands, etc. And then he turns and their eyes meet.

Or you can have the first look in any style you’re comfortable with. Use your imagination and think about what suits your personality.

How long should the first look last?

Usually, it’s from 5 to 20 minutes. Depending on what you want to do together and how much time you need. You can just meet, tell each other how beautiful you look, exchange a few phrases to calm down your nerves, and that’s all. Or you can talk for 20 minutes sharing your thoughts, expectations, gossiping, and dreaming about your life together after this day. Some couples even find time to unbox their wedding gifts.

What do you do during the wedding first look?

The main purpose of the wedding first look is to support each other, share your excitement, have a few minutes alone before the noisy and chaotic wedding celebration starts, etc. So, it’s your time alone together. You can talk, hug, kiss, say compliments, share your feelings, and so on.

What you shouldn’t do during the wedding first look?

Have sex. Yes, you have a few minutes alone, but it’s better to wait with that for the marriage ceremony to be over. You don’t want to look disheveled and flushed when you walk down the aisle)). And the wedding is fun when your feelings and excitement build up during the day, not vice versa.

Figure out your relationship. If you have unsolved issues or want to confess in something, this is not the best time for that. Try to solve all that before your wedding day or wait till after the wedding. Everyone’s nerves are tense and even non-significant revelations can ruin your relationship.

Fight. Even if you don’t like something or feel grumpy because of the nervousness, try to breathe out and keep calm. This moment should be happy for both of you, not irritative. You might regret later saying or doing something that hurts your partner’s feelings simply because you were nervous.

The first look at the wedding can be romantic, warm, and calming. For some couples, it’s a perfect balance between meeting at the aisle and coming to the ceremony together. Is it the ideal option for you?

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